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Why have a joint hen and stag party?

Hen and stag parties are the opportunity for the various factions of your wedding to come together before the Big Day itself. Uni friends meet school friends, work friends meet mum – you know the drill. But since hen and stag parties are by their very nature divisive, mixing it up with a joint hen and stag party could be the modern answer.

Everyone gets to meet and cross that formidable boundary between men and women in one slightly tipsy evening. Groomsmen meet bridesmaids, and in-laws meet other in-laws.

Combining your Stag and Hen do into one almighty celebration is perfect for some couples, especially if you have many mutual friends or your partner is your favourite party buddy.

Joint Hen and Stag Party - surfing weekendJoint Hen and Stag Party - assault course

  • What to do during a Joint Hen and Stag Party?

Once you’ve established that you’re doing your joint party for the right reasons there’s the small matter of what to do. If you’re lucky and both the future Mr and Mrs have a real passion for paint balling or (rather more worryingly) cheerleading, then you’ve got an easy job ahead of you. In the likely eventuality that the two groups have somewhat differing tastes, the organising gets a bit trickier. Whether you’re the couple in charge or have been tasked with organising it for them, trying to find something to suit everyone can be a nightmare. In an effort to make your job a tiny bit easier, we’ve thought up some fun ideas.

          • Sophisticated Dinner: For a refined celebration, why not enjoy a beautiful dinner? Great food and great company is an even greater combination whilst also providing the perfect opportunity for swapping funny anecdotes about the happy couple.
          • Glamping, Assault Courses, and Surfing are perfect if everyone in the group loves an adventurous weekend away – they’re also great activities to add an element of competition to the occasion!
          • Burlesque: Not ready to completely abandon the risqué elements of the traditional Stag and Hen party? Burlesque is the perfect median. Offering sultry, sexy, seductive performances without the sleaze, Burlesque is both bride and groom friendly.
          • Theme Parks: Fun is a must for your Sten party and where better to find it than at a Theme Park. Guaranteed to lower inhibitions and boundaries it’s the perfect way of making sure strangers in the wedding party leave friends.
          • Hit the Clubs: If the happy couple are hard-core party goers then who are we to say no? Works particularly well with groups that are already acquainted. Hit the clubs, get in the drinks and keep an eye out for any blushes on the Big Day (and we’re not talking about the bride).

Joint Hen and Stag Party - glamping weekendJoint Hen and Stag Party - burlesque evening

  • Just have fun

Regardless of whether it’s a Hen, Stag, Sten or Hag party you’re hosting or organising, the purpose should be to have fun. Pick an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone in attendance and make sure everyone’s on board with a mixed shindig. You may meet with objections but it’s what the future Bride and Groom want that’s important.

Don’t feel like a Sten party has to be a staid affair either. So long as everyone’s on the same page, a Sten party can be as naughty as even the most depraved Stag trip to Vegas. If you’re the Bride or Groom then make sure boundaries are covered prior to the event. If you’re not happy with strippers then say so, don’t lie and then throw a strop on the night. Whatever you’re comfortable with is what will make the night enjoyable for both of you and therefore everyone else. So throw tradition (and that dodgy blow up doll) to the wind and start a trend amongst your friends, embrace the Sten or Hag – whatever you want to call it – and just have fun.

Check out our stag website for more inspiration.

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