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Joint Hen and Stag Nights

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on August 18 2014.

Rihanna and Chris Brown are set to have a joint Hen and Stag do, which we all suspect will end in absolute carnage. The sceptic in me says that they should save the arguments for the marriage and jolly well enjoy a night off from one another.

Our Hen Life Drawing class is strictly girls only – the only lad allowed is our cheeky nude model suggestively strutting into a variety of poses for your artistic pleasure.

For those that want to embrace Rihanna’s moves without their ‘Rude Boy’ in tow then why not opt for our Create Your Own Dance party, and let our teachers craft some simple choreography to your favourite track.

To complete the look before your big night out you could try our Pre-party Make Up product, where our trained MUA are happy to come right along to your house of venue to get you looking like a true starlet before you night of mayhem!

Joint hen and stag ideas

It has to be said that most couples aren’t as dramatic as Chri-anna, and may enjoy a lovely joint Hen and Stag weekend together. Glamping is always a favourite, as well as a new adventure weekend we’re launching this week! With assault courses, climbing walls, high ropes and mountain boarding, you’d be hard pushed not to rush with adrenaline during your stay. More details coming soon to our website.

coasteering joint hen and stag

High ropes joint hen and stag assault course

Joint hen and stag on the beach

Another great idea for a hag do is to have a weekend at the beach, camping of staying on cottages the south west of England offers loads of activities including, Surfing Coasteering and Kyaking.

If you are interested in something a little more urban, both our cocktail making lessons and our Parkour are both activities that suit both sexes equally. you can always look though our stag site to see if there are any other ideas that may suit

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