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What To Consider When Joining A pole Dancing Class

Posted by laura on February 11 2014.

Joining a pole dancing classThinking of starting pole dancing lessons? we talk about what to consider when Joining a pole dancing class after having consulted our pole dancing teachers

Pole Dancing has stepped out of the shadows of the strip club in the past decade to become widely recognised as a legitimate art form. No longer shunned by mainstream society as seamy and déclassé, pole dancing has been enthusiastically embraced by women who appreciate the incredible fitness benefits (and, let’s face it, bedroom benefits- no male has ever shrieked in horror at the idea of his girlfriend performing an erotic dance). Lawyers, vets, accountants, housewives- pole dancing appeals to a broad cross section of women seeking a fresh and fun exercise routine. After all, running on a treadmill will never double as cool party trick.

What To Consider When Joining A pole Dancing Class.

For many women, the biggest obstacle to trying pole dancing is fear. Fear that the classes will be sleazy, that they’ll look like a fool, that the routines will be impossibly difficult, that they’ll be expected to don overtly sexy garb. If this is what’s holding you back, rest assured that there are plenty of pole dancing schools that cater to every level of proficiency and strive to create a positive, nurturing environment within which women can build their self confidence.

Consider what you hope to gain from undertaking pole dancing classes. Is it strictly for fitness, or strictly for fun?  Do you like the idea of a big class in which you can be just another face in the crowd, or do you feel it would be more beneficial to learn in a small, intimate setting with limited number of participants? Smaller classes, such as the one’s run at Pole Fetish, allow your instructor to work much more closely with you, and encourage a friendly, warm dynamic. Look for studios that give you plenty of information about how they conduct their classes, who their instructors are, and what you can expect to be learning and participating in. This will help you to work out if it’s the right kind of class for you.

To find out more about how Joining a pole dancing class can add a new dimension to your fitness program, visit www.polefetish.com

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