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jam making – Wham Bam Thank You Jam

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on October 17 2013.

After a couple of days of sunshine, the Polestars team have started unravelling their woollen scarves and packing away our long-johns and thermal vests. I may be optimistic, but a splash of sunshine is already making me feel like giddy lamb in spring so its time for jam making.

Springtime for me is about country walks, collecting daffodils and making jam to test out before the convoy of summer fêtes, bank holidays and plum eating competitions that are slowly, but surely approaching. (Oh dear, I need to remember that I’m 23, not 63!)

Jam making checklist

Remember high-pectin fruits work well (blackcurrants, plums, redcurrants,) whereas low-pectin fruits (strawberries, blueberries, peaches) will need a splash of lemon juice to bring up their acidity.

You will need:

900g of fresh berries

900g white sugar, warmed

Wide, stainless-steel saucepan

Sterilised jars

Jam jar covers

Jam thermometer

Jam making
We found a recipe that we love

Remember a few scraps of gingham to decorate your produce, and maybe attach a couple of travel tags labels to advertise their ‘Homemade’ status.

There will be many foraged fruits available in the next few months for some wild jam making, including the ubiquitous Blackberries, although you should also be looking for wild damsons, gauges and plums. and in forests you may even find blueberries, cranberries and even lingon berries. Crab apples are full of pectin and can be used to help raise the pectin levels. and of course if you are lucky enough wild strawberries are packed full of flavours,

Start testing flavours and get your own jamboree started now. Afternoon Tea hen parties are on the up, and jam tarts and fresh-cream scones are always great guests of honour.

Relax with a few baked goods; foraged cocktail in hand, and preserve your energy for the high-powered hen night that is likely to follow.

Check out the links to our other sweet-treat suggestions for foodie brides and hens.

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