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Interviewing a naked life model

Posted by laura on November 19 2013.

Interviewing a naked life model

This week we’ve been interviewing a naked life model – none other than the charming Jay who models for our hen parties most weekends.  Our Life Drawing Sessions are becoming really popular and we’re keen to introduce our models.

Interviewing a naked life model – background

Hi Jay, thanks for the interview with you. Could you shorty introduce yourself?

Hi Ladies, I’m Jay, one of Polestars’ Life Models.  I am 33 years old and I live in the London area.

How did you happen to be a life model?

I got into Life Modelling via a referral from a photographer. Most of my modelling is nude photo modelling– for amateurs and pros.  I have been featured in several ‘top shelf’ magazine publications including For Women and H&E.  Life Modelling just seemed like a natural progression!

How long have you been modelling? (In general and for Polestars)

Eight years as a nude photo model and one year for Polestars.

How important is experience for a life model?

I would say personality and confidence are more important than experience. If you feel confident enough to pose nude in front of strangers, a new  model can be as good, if not better than an experienced model.

Interviewing a naked life model – personal experiences

Is it confidence building to you?

Oh yes, it definitely adds to my confidence, especially when I feel the ladies have really enjoyed the class.

Is it easy for you to chat with the hens after class when they had seen you without clothes?

Yes it is! It just feels as though things are back to normal!

Can you describe a typical class?

Generally the class starts with a lot of chatting and giggling amongst the ladies as many (if not all) will never have been to a life drawing class before.  Once I get ‘revealed’ to the class, there’s usually some ‘banter’ with a few of the more confident ladies. Typically I’ll discuss my poses with the tutor beforehand, so it’s really just a case of conducting the first pose whilst the tutor advises the ladies on their drawing techniques.  Some of the ladies will take their drawings quite seriously whilst others will basically just have a laugh and ‘exaggerate’ the proportions of their drawings – which is fine with me!

What are the common misconceptions that friends or family have about the work you do?

Oh, definitely that I get ‘propositioned’ by one of more of the ladies after the class has finished.  Whilst I can’t say that it never happens, it is rare!

Why do you enjoy modelling?

I love the ‘buzz’ of being a nude model.  In many ways Life Modelling is more relaxed and fun than photo modelling, which can be quite pressurised…I did a shoot a few  weeks ago for a European magazine where I had to maintain an erection for almost an hour in order for the photographer to take the required shots – not an easy thing to do!

What was your best experience during a session?

I would say the time where the hen was really shy and clearly didn’t want to take part in the class.  By the end of the session she had drawn the best drawing and had her photo taken with me.  She left much happier than she arrived, which is great!

Interviewing a naked life model – advice

Can life modelling be a reason for a partner to be jealous?

Yes, it can make partners jealous.  You need to make it clear to your partner that whilst we are nude models, it doesn’t mean anything else happens– some partners understand this, others don’t – I can see it from both points of view…

What advice would you give someone wanting to become a life model?

I would say try it once and make your decision from there.  Life Modelling is something that lots of people ‘fantasise’ about doing but rarely pursue.  It is really hard to know how you will react until you are asked to take off your clothes in front of a group of strangers.

We’ve loved interviewing a naked life model, we hope you’ve enjoyed finding more about the class.

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