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Interview with a professional Burlesque performer

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on August 1 2014.

Our fantastic Burlesque performer, dance instructor, and all round star, Leonie recently traveled over a 1,000 miles to teach a two hour class.

This Bespoke Seduction class was for some of our VIP clients over in the sunny island of Majorca.  This commute alone has earned her the fabulous title of Polestars’ Teacher of the Month. We only recruit the best and most charming characters to teach our hen party activities! Have a read all about Leonie’s experience as a Cabaret Performer and Burlesque performer…

leonie - Burlesque performer

What makes a burlesque performer and polestars teacher tick

Classes you teach for us:

Burlesque, Can-Can, Flirt & Seduce, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Chicago, Cheerleading, Single Ladies, Glee, Thriller, 80’s Party, Pole and Bespoke


Spalding, Lincolnshire

Different day job:

Cabaret & Burlesque Performer

Tell us more about the House of Burlesque

Most recently we did a UK Tour last year of our nautical themed show, Shipwrecked which finished in Cardiff in January. This summer we are performing for the second year at the London Wonderground and you can also catch us at Madame Jo Jo’s every second Friday of the month in The Love Show.

How long have you been a burlesque performer:

I’ve been dancing since I was about 3! My parents took me to ballet and tap lessons as a child, and by the time I was a teenager I decided I wanted to perform professionally, so when I was 18 I moved to London to do my degree in musical theatre. Becoming a full time burlesque performer cam about more recently.

What do you love most about dancing:

Dancing is fun, great for exercise but it is also a broad and diverse art. There are so many different styles of dance to choose from and I still enjoy learning different ways to move ad express myself.

Why did you start teaching dance:

I am a natural born performer and I find teaching a lesson very similar to performing on stage, in the sense that you have to command the room and keep your audience interested. I also enjoy imparting my knowledge and watching people learn something new which often helps them build confidence and enjoy themselves.

Why you love teaching at Polestars:

I genuinely enjoy teaching the products that we offer! Most of our classes are quite specialist and even after 5 years at Polestars it’s still exciting to watch our customers faces as they get into the spirit of being can-can girls or showgirl s in a burlesque class.

Fave song to burlesque dance to:  Freddie Mercury – Barcelona. I actually perform a routine to this song, in which I sing in the operatic part of Montserrat Caballe and end by waving a giant Catalan flag

Celebrity crush:

Hugh Jackman

Hobbies other than dancing: I enjoy going to the theatre, eating out, and lots of shopping. I’m especially inspired by 40’s vintage fashion.

Personal motto:

‘The show must go on!’

Where we can find you:

You can find me performing solo or with my burlesque troupe The Kitten Club, mostly in and around London at various cabaret and supper clubs like Volupte Lounge and Madame Jo Jo’s.


Read her Diary of a Flirt and Seduce Instructor.

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