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Interview With A Parkour Instructor

Posted by Holly Anderson on November 25 2013.

Interview With A Parkour Instructor

Interview With A Parkour Instructor

Our Interview With A Parkour Instructor is the perfect read for any ladies planning an unusual and action-packed hen party, taught by a trained expert!

Parkour is a high adrenaline urban sport which is becoming vastly popular nationwide. Polestars offer Parkour workshops, as part of our Alternative Hen Party Ideas, that will push your physical boundaries and mental fortitude. We find that our Parkour workshops are excellent confidence building exercises, and at Polestars we are constantly looking to build female confidence!

That is why we have interviewed Agota Mahop, one of Britain’s leading Parkour Professionals. Agota is a true inspiration to all women!

Interview With A Parkour Instructor – How it started

P. Hi Agota! So we know that you are a London based specialist, but what was it that first attracted you to Parkour?

A. My husband, Forrest, is a teacher and a few years ago he invited me to see what Parkour was all about. I tried first an indoor session, which I adored, so I continued with a few more before I explored it outdoors. It was a shame I didn’t start that before as I now think outdoors is a much more fun and challenging training session. The outdoor training allowed me to discover that my body was capable of doing much more than I EVER imagined! There is no limit to Parkour outdoor training, it just gets better and better, my confidence in my own training grows day by day and I cannot ever imagine giving up!

P. So you and your husband are both big on Parkour? I take it that fitness is a massive part of your life then?

A. It is a big part of my life, it belongs to my daily routine. It makes me feel free and it gives me the energy to feel good in my everyday life. It also aids my parkour training massively. So I would say it is a very important part of my life!

Interview With A Parkour Instructor – Confidence building

P. At Polestars we really promote equal opportunities and confidence building. How has Parkour affected your confidence?

A. Definitely. My vision of things as obstacles gradually disappeared, not only physically but also mentally. Training Parkour has increased my physical and mental strength. I would recommend a good training session for everybody. The combination of the constant challenge and focus that Parkour brings is like a breath of fresh hair.

Interview With A Parkour Instructor – Best moments

P. You sound like you really enjoy Parkour! What have been your best (and worst!) moments in training with Parkour?

A. There isn’t one particular moment that I can say has been my favourite moment! I do however look back to a very few special days in summer 2008 where I entered a new level of performing Parkour. Another very special moment was in the French Alps when I attended the Annual Morzine Parkour Camp. However, a not so great experience was my first session after having a baby. I didn’t expect to lose so much strength over just a few months. It was the hardest session I have done so far but it motivated me even more to keep training and reach my previous level.

Interview With A Parkour Instructor – Advice for newbies

P. Wow! So finally, as you are such an inspiration to women, what would your advice to new Parkour members be?

A. Start with the basics, like balance, general strength and fitness, small precisions on the ground and so on and so forth. Keep focused throughout the session and don’t be disappointed if you can’t manage something today. Tomorrow the same challenge will be easier. AND… Do not forget to always enjoy the session! Also listen to your body. Training in a structured group may be helpful especially for complete beginners for the first few sessions.  Parkour Generations have helped me a lot and I can only recommend them! Good Luck Girls!

Check out our Hen Parties to see if we offer Parkour activities in your area for a hen party with a difference. We find Parkour to be the perfect party for a mixed group, do check out our stag website for more adventurous activities.

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