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Interview with a naked life model

Posted by laura on November 18 2013.

Interview with a naked life model

Today, we’re going to introduce to you one of our Life Models in an  Interview with a naked life model. Our Life Drawing classes are really popular and are great fun for all our hens! 

Interview with a naked life model

Hi Mark. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by Polestars!
Can you give us a short introduction of yourself? 
How did you happen to become a life model?

The suggestion was originally made to me by a friend who was studying art and therefore came into contact with life models. I think because of my background in athletics, they thought I would have the body for it. I thought about it for a while, decided it was something I’d really like to do, then started looking, saw a Polestars advert, so I applied and was lucky enough to be offered a job.

How long have you been modeling? (In general and for Polestars)

I only started modeling this year with the Polestars team.

How important is experience for a life model?

I don’t think it is vital, providing you have the credentials for the job, are suited to it, can do it well and enjoy it. Everyone, including me, has to do it for the first time sometime! However, you do become more used to the interaction and more aspects of it as you gain experience, so I guess you get better at it.

How do you feel as the only nude person in front of strangers?

I’m fine about it obviously! Seriously, the only time I’ve been nervous was a little travelling to my first job, once I got there and ever since, I’ve never been nervous. I enjoy it and it’s a little different every time with each group.

Is it confidence building to you?

I think I’ve always been a confident person, so not necessarily in general, though it doesn’t do any harm! It’s certainly confidence building, specifically in your ability to be a life model and being nude in front of people you’ve never met.

Is it easy for you to chat with the hens after class when they had seen you without clothes?

Yes absolutely, it makes no difference to me if I do get the chance to chat with members of the parties afterwards. It’s nice if you do get the opportunity to talk afterwards, so come and say hi! 

Can you describe a typical class?

I will be ready in a robe or towel and usually try to not be too obvious while the tutor welcomes the class, in case it’s a surprise to some of the hens. Sometimes, if it’s a complete surprise to the guest of honour, they may have been blindfolded by their group to keep the secret. Whether it is or not, we will do a “reveal”, where they will be asked if they wish to remove my robe or towel, though it’s not compulsory! Next, it’s drawing time. Things are led by the groups wishes really, but usually I will start with a standing pose as this is generally easier to draw first time. The tutor will give advice on scaling and beginning the drawing and further helpful hints and tips. After the drawings, I am asked to judge things like best, funniest, most interesting, categories.Then the group is asked if they want a different pose, maybe a lying one or whatever is requested or if they would like variations such as just drawing a specific part of the body or continually moving one chair to add bits to each drawing. We try to make it a lot of fun and it is, but usually most people seem to get really into the drawing and take that quite seriously too, though that’s not compulsory either!

How important is it to communicate with the tutor and the students?

It’s very important, the tutor and I are there to make sure that the class enjoys the session as much as possible and to build up a rapport, not only about the drawing and posing, but in general too, so that it’s a lot of fun. The tutor will help and instruct of course and I will talk to the class, answer questions etc. during the drawing, though be quiet too when I see they are concentrating hard!  

What are the common misconceptions that friends or family have about the work you do?

I’ve not really had any misconceptions as you can explain what the job entails and everyone I have told has been very positive about it. I’ve not had any negative comments at all, maybe I’ve just been lucky but I think most people would see it as a good thing.

Why do you enjoy modelling?

I enjoy the interaction with the groups, seeing them enjoy the session and talking and having fun during. Everyone likes to be appreciated and it’s nice to get a round of applause at the end, something I’ve never had in any other job and I’m flattered when I receive a few compliments, often in a humorous way, some more overtly!

What was your best experience during a session?

I’ve had a lot of good experiences, every class is different in some way, each group brings different personalities from the extrovert to the reserved. Though usually they are a little less reserved by the end! The surprises, especially, bring a lot of fun when what is happening is revealed! Those first reactions in all classes are great to see and hear! So, if pushed, some of those, but I’m not really going to pick a single best experience if that’s okay.

Is there something like a worst experience?

I’ve not had one….. yet! I’ve really enjoyed all the parties I have done and the hens have all been very sociable and easy to model for.

Can life modelling be a reason for a partner to be jealous?

Well, I’m currently single so it doesn’t apply to me, but I suppose it could be as some people can get jealous about anything! However it shouldn’t necessarily be, there’s no reason to be if they know that you are doing a job, even though it’s a little different. It depends on the people more than the job really.

What advice would you give someone wanting to become a life model?

Get or keep in trim and go for it! As long as there’s enough work for the rest of us……. joking! I enjoy it too much!

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