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Interview with a Naked Butler

Posted by laura on February 11 2014.

Interview with a Naked Butler

This week Polestars teamed up with Angel Butlers, a semi-nude Butler service that is operating around the country, for an Interview with a Naked Butler.

With the tag line “a touch of class from heaven” you know that you will be receiving a sophisticated service. Gabriel, the curater of the company, prides himself and his angels on their professional attitude towards the services that they provide. In our Interview With A Naked Butler, we asked Gabriel  about his profession and why he loves what he does so much!

Interview with a Naked Butler

P: Hi Gabriel, Polestars are incredibly excited to be working with Angel Butlers. We would like to know how did you get into the profession?

I actually stumbled into the profession where a friend recommended me to try it out and introduced me to a company up in Glasgow. The funny thing was I rejected the offer as I didn’t think I could do it…standing in front of 40 girls every weekend wasn’t a great situation to be in for a shy 24 year old guy! But after months of deliberation with friends and family I decided to have a go at it. Wow! That’s when it all changed for me.

I really came out my shell and realised this job was perfect for me. I started hitting the gym and eating healthy, and in just a year I became the hunky butler that you see today. With existing clients asking just for me I realised that this could be an opportunity to start my own company. The gym I attended was bursting with potential and after a week I had 2 guys signed up to work with me. 

P: So you are a Butler yourself?

Of course! I love this job and I won’t stop until my legs give and I’ve got wrinkles all over me! Yes I still get out there and get involved. Even when I’m busy I still make time especially with new starters, I’ll normally show them the ropes in making cocktails and how to take the lead in a job. We now have butlers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester and London. So to cover that area needs a bit of delegation of work to other butlers and trust but having Polestars on board is really going to put Angel Butlers on the map UK wide.

P: You sound like you really love your job Gabriel! Why is this?

It’s the excitement and adrenaline I got from my first job that I still get from the last job I did last week! The gigs we do are never the same. I used to do the 9-5 after finishing college working in an office for a bank in their risk department with ideas of going to uni to do a degree. After completing my first butler gig it just made sense that this is where I wanted to be and not doing the same thing every day.

One of the great aspects of the job is the energy that is created within a room or functions when a butler walks in and really makes everyone’s day with the banter and cheeky photos. Recruiting is another part of the job I enjoy the most, we have actors, dancers, body-builders, athletes, magicians and others that can speak 5 languages.

The nature of the job is always a changing element where you have to be able to think on your feet quickly.  I was made to do karaoke with group of girls once and had to sing-a-long to Abba’s Mama-Mia! The girls thought I did well but I don’t think I’d be signing up to x-factor anytime soon!

Thanks so much for being a part of our Interview with a Naked Butler. After our Interview with a Naked Butler, it’s safe to say that Gerard has been knocked off his perch as Polestars Favourite Butler.

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