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International Womens Day

Posted by Holly Anderson on February 12 2014.

international womens day

What is International Womens Days?

International Womens Day 2011 has been deemed International Womens Year, with today (8th March) being the 100th anniversary of the first International Womens day that was organised in Copenhagen as a socialist feminist movement.

Today is a global celebration of the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. We have the likes of the Pankhurst sisters, Virginia Woolf and Simone De Beauvoir to thank for their achievements in the early 20th century that have allowed for International Womens Day to still exist today.

Even before the 20th century, women were campaigning for rights in politics, working rights and a better domestic life.

Today, plans are underway to build the first ever memorial honouring Mary Wollstonecraft, a leading founding member of feminism in the 18th century. Her works included, “A Vindication of the Rights of Women,” various novels, a book for children, a tract on education and an account of the French Revolution. She was also the mother of Mary Shelley, the author and poet behind ‘Frankenstein’, a novel laced with scientific, socialist and feminist theory.

However the question has to be asked as to why is this only the first memorial being built for this leading feminist over two centuries after her death?

The answer is clearly because the fight for womens liberation is still not over. Today, the pressure of women to achieve in all walks of life is often unbearable. Competition in the work place against other women and men is a constant issue and a struggle up against motherhood and family life. Pressure is put on women to not only remain the fairer sex, but also to academically achieve over male counterparts. It is of no wonder why the depression statics for women, particularly, in Britain are constantly rising. The sexualisation of society has also added pressure to women, what with the constant pressure from media to be beautiful aimed at women and girls of all ages.

It is also clear that the sexualisation of women is used as a profit motive, with countries like Britain seeing an increase in the porn and lap dancing industries. Women are still struggling to control their own lives; every year in Britain there are increased reports in rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence, all proving that women are a far off of having complete control of their own life and sexuality.

However that is not say that there we cannot celebrate the achievements of women on this Womens International Day, in fact it is probably even more reason to celebrate and to continue campaigning for the rights of women all over the world.

How do we make a difference?

At Polestars we are constantly promoting for female individuality, confidence and self control over sexuality. We take inspiration from women such as Dita Von Tesse who promoted business, womanhood and sexuality. All of our classes are used to help women take control over their own sexuality and to help boost confidence. Our hen parties, both dance and alternative parties, are excellent ways to bring women together for something fun and different! We offer Pole and Burlesque dancing, for those women who want to express their sexuality as well as offering Parkour parties which are great for both female team and confidence building. At Polestars we are constantly promoting womens rights and we fully support International Womens Day! You can follow International Womens Day on Facebook to keep update with recent articles and participate online with many worldwide organisations.


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