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Inflatable Willy – A Hen Night Isn’t a Party Without It

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on January 23 2014.

Up the numbers at your hen party! Our pals at Hen Stuff tell us all about their  inflatable willy, and range other cheeky inflatable products.

The inexorable march of time waits for no one, but as we get longer in the tooth, it doesn’t stop us enjoying the harmless fun we relished in our younger days. Inflatables are just as much fun for adults as they are children. The bouncy caste is the perfect example. It doesn’t matter that you’re three times the age of everyone else gaily bouncing around. Once those shoes and socks are off it’s every man or woman for themselves – just try not to trample on too many children!

The hen party is one occasion when fully grown women can frolic freely with inflatables without the fear of being judged. With that said, here are some inflatables that can help your hen night go off with a bang.

The blow up man doll

Most men are full of hot air, and this guy’s no different. In terms of symbolism, there are few sights quite as appropriate as the bride-to-be lugging around a self satisfied dead weight, because, for the next however many years, she will spend her time doing exactly that!

This blow up male doll is the perfect companion for you and the girls when hitting the town. Why not dress him up as the groom for an extra surprise for the hen, or play pin the penis on the doll – although don’t use a pin because he’ll explode; Sellotape or Blu-Tack is probably a better idea.

inflatable willy

Giant inflatable willy

 Why inconvenience yourself by lugging around an entire inflatable man, when anatomically speaking, all you really need is the giant inflatable willy. This brash and bold inflatable is certainly no shrinking violet. In terms of stature it really isn’t much smaller than a post box, which is perfect for some entertainment on the hen’s last night of freedom.

With over three feet of fondle-worthy fun to be had, brought to life by the eager mouths of you and your hens, the giant inflatable willy is sure to spice up your night. Whether the bride-to-be is a bit saucy and revels in the attention, or is thoroughly embarrassed by the monstrous appendage she has to spend the night, this is sure to be a source of fun.

Serving suggestion: The giant inflatable willy is best served with L-plates, tutu, personalised sash and garter.

inflatable willy

The inflatable palm tree

 If you’re not so keen on such a male-centric range of inflatables, then the palm tree provides a harmless and verdant alternative. If your hen party is set to a tropical theme, or you’re lucky enough to be jetting off to sunnier climes for your celebrations, then the inflatable palm tree is just the job. Alternatively, the inflatable palm tree might simply be an object of irrelevant fun, which not only makes the hen feel particularly self-conscious, but also encumbers her throughout the course of the night. Perhaps a prize is due if the bride-to-be still has the inflatable palm tree on her person come the end of the night?

 Whatever inflatable you opt to share your last night out as a free woman with, you will find it here at Hen Stuff. Hen Stuff is a leading online retailer of hen outfits, accessories and party games – essentially everything you could possibly need for the perfect send off.

hen stuff 3

Hen Stuff is a good website, check it out here.

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