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Hula Hooping For Fitness

Posted by Holly Anderson on November 21 2013.

Hula Hooping For Fitness

Start enjoying Hula Hooping For Fitness. Hooping comes round and round again as one of the most fun and beneficial fitness classes out there!

Hula Hooping For FitnessHula Hooping is just one of those things that comes up and again! And don’t we just love it! For centuries Hula Hooping has had its ups and downs. Best known for being a children’s activity most people are not aware of the health benefits it brings with it. While the basic Hula Hoop moves are very easy to learn there is still a challenge to it because you can do so much with a hoop!

It is a sport almost everyone can practice everywhere and that doesn’t require you to buy complicated and pricy sport equipment; all you need is a simple hoop. With the holidays approaching, now is the perfect time to get started!

Five reasons to get on board with Hula Hooping For Fitness (from our friends at hooping.org)

  • Hooping forces us to slow down – with the mad rush to get everything done before christmas, hooping forces you to take time out and relax.
  • Hooping can help prevent the creep of holiday weight gain – hooping is proven to burn calories – many of the people who take our hula hoop course loose an average of an inch and a half from their waists!
  • Hooping helps balance the blues – it’s no secret that exersize promotes the release of endorphins – things that make you feel great!
  • A hoop is a reminder of what really matters – A hula hoop is “a ring of plastic that is decorated with pretty colors. It is fun to play with and makes people smile. ” – how better to put the chaos of the holiday season into perspective?!
  • Establish a hoop habit now and start the new year right – get started on your new years resolutions before the year has even begun!

So why not try Hula Hooping For Fitness and see just how easy it is to get your stomach toned and burn around 100 calories in just ten minutes! WOW!


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