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Upgrade Your Bridal Shower with Boho Details

Posted by Isabelle Hurrell on June 7 2017.

dsg bohoBoho is very popular for its whimsical and free spirit flow and energy. It’s a staple in fashion, as well as in decor. It transforms every party to a nonchalant, colorful, playful set which makes it a perfect theme for your bridal shower. Who wouldn’t want to feel like fairy forest nymph, frolicking around in a flowy dress with floral wreaths on your head while drinking blackberry wine out of ornamental cups. Interested?



Here’s how you can make your bridal shower dreamy, with just a few boho touch ups…


Pillows and blanket cover ups


bicycle flowers  Moroccan interior colorfulWhether you’re having your shower indoors or outdoors, don’t leave any bench, chair or table uncovered. An outdoor picnic somewhere in the forest, park, or at the beach is great location for this shower, since it offers a perfect backdrop for your theme, but you can easily upgrade your decor with this addition, whether it’s in a garden, house backyard, or a flat.

Go for ethnic, colorful prints inspired by Moroccan rustic interior. Place pieces of embroidered fabric across the table or on walls, that can also serve as a photo background. Furry blankets on chairs, rustic rugs on the floor, when it’s all put together it will create a cozy and oriental atmosphere that is so characteristic of boho.

If you want to take it even further, or if you’re having a picnic, set the blanket up as a table and sit on one of these printed cushions. Just pile them up, for some extra comfort.




food flowers cake The table will hold the tiniest details and touch ups that will have the most effect on the whole scenery. There are no textbook rules here, just scoop out interesting silverware, plates, food and drink. Sweets will look amazing if you can manage to bring a few interesting fruit tarts – forest fruit is a good idea. Have some amazing containers for the beverages, like squared glass bottles.

Flowers should play an important role in table decoration, you can place them separately in vases, or just spread them around the table randomly. If you’re going to wear flower crowns around your head you can match the color of the flowers with flowers on the table, or you can place individual garlands around each plate for the arriving guests.

Another beautiful touch is the bridal shower table place cards, that are written in beautiful calligraphy font, and maybe with some floral illustration as well.

Nothing creates an atmosphere as much as candles, so definitely have a few candle accessories that will look amazing even in daylight, and create some magic later in the evening. Lavish candlesticks and few small ornamental candle holders around it will cast a beautiful light. Arrange some ornamental lanterns in different sizes all around, especially if you’re outside. But do keep an eye on them, just in case.


Dress Code


boho flowers flowercrown bohemianLet everyone know to put on their most bohemian clothes. Maxi boho dresses with a mixture of fabrics, hi-low dresses with sheer tails, lace, flowers, princess but rustic kind of dresses. Wrap yourselves up in fringed scarves and let your hair fall loose, maybe braid it into a crown braid and put some flowers in your braid.

Since it’s girls only party, a nice touch would be to give each other a nice piece of boho jewelry, or you can make your own as a part of shower game. You just need some feathers, beads and a few turquoise stones and a crafty mind. It will also make a nice memento of that amazing great day! A polaroid camera is also much welcome. You can hang those photos on the hanging garlands right away. Just remember to have loads of fun!


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Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about photography, interior design and DIY projects. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is a regular contributor at High Style Life.


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