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How to Twirl Nipple Tassels

Posted by Holly Anderson on November 21 2013.

How to Twirl Nipple Tassels

Burlesque is such a fun art form that is now so accessible and easy to learn.  Watch our fabulous video to learn How to Twirl Nipple TasselsWatch our fabulous video to learn How to Twirl Nipple Tassels With the likes of Dita Von Tease everyone wants to be a Burlesque Queen these days, which is why Polestars have put together this video to teach you the cheeky art of tassel twirling!

How to Twirl Nipple Tassels; Attaching them – Using double-sided tape, create a triangle on the back of the tassel. Stick the tassle onto your nipple, and press down to secure it. How to Twirl Nipple Tassels; Give us a twirl – Perfecting your twirl is all in the knees. Make sure you have a good steady stance and bounce gently by bending your knees. To keep your balance raise your arms up, flash a seductive smile and twirl away!You can pick up a pair of nipple tassels from our Polestars Shop. Happy Twirling Girls!

How to Twirl Nipple Tassels; Fancy incorporating it into a hen party?

We run fabulous and private Burlesque hen parties. The usual format is as follows but do let us know if you would particularly like to learn How to Twirl Nipple Tassels. This two hour burlesque hen party is a fantastic group activity for hens that are looking for a giggle! A mixture of enticing glamour and tongue in cheek drama, this dance party will transform you in to your favourite pin-up ready to celebrate your Hen Party in the decedent style of the 30′s-50′s. One of our fabulous teacher’s will lead you through a series of walks, poses and moves with the use of feather fans as props. You will be able to put these elements in to a routine and really embrace your inner showgirl with a performance to round off the session! Find our more about our Burlesque Hen Parties.

How to Twirl Nipple Tassels

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