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How To Temper Chocolate

Posted by laura on October 21 2013.

how to temper chocolate

Chocolate is a girl’s best friend. It is always there whether you are up or down. Chocolate will always be by your side and with you at all of those important events in your life. That is until you try to be a master chef and temper chocolate!

However there is a method to which you can temper chocolate perfectly without all of the stress that usually comes with it. If you follow these three easy steps you will be sure to have the most perfectly smooth and glossy tempered chocolate every time.

How to temper chocolate

All you need for this challenge is a bowl (preferably metal but glass will do), a pan, a hob and a thermometer.

How to temper chocolate Step 1

You will need to make a simple ‘bain-marie’, which really isn’t as fancy as it sounds. Fill your pan with water until about half way and bring the water to boil on the hob. Bring the water back down to a simmer; place the bowl on the pan making sure that the water does not touch the bottom of the bowl. Take ¾ of the amount of chocolate you want to use and place in the bowl, stir the chocolate continuously either with a wooden spoon or silicon spatula.

How to temper chocolate Step 2

Stirring the chocolate constantly will ensure that it becomes smooth. Continue doing this until there are no more lumps. If you are using dark chocolate you will want to keep the bowl on the heat until it reaches 118°F, or if you are using milk chocolate you will want to keep the bow on the heatuntil it reaches 112°F.

During this whole time be sure not to drop any water into the chocolate otherwise there will be a chance of ruining the whole process.

How to temper chocolate Step 3

When the chocolate reaches its heated temperature remove the bowl from the heat. To bring the temperature down add the remaining ¼ of chocolate to the melted chocolate and stir until all of this is melted.

Dark chocolate will be in the perfect state of temper at 89°F, and milk chocolate will be ready at 86°F. You should be left with perfectly smooth and glossy chocolate ready to use for baking or decorating!

Oliver dunn, one of our chocolatiers comes from a family of chocolatiers his father has a range of you tube videos that are well worth a look.

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