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How to avoid stress while planning your wedding?

Posted by Alice on June 7 2017.

One of the most desired days of a girl: when he finally takes a little box out of his jacket and asks to become his wife – confusion and happiness at the same time, tears although you are laughing and his unique smile when you finally say yes.


But with one of the happiest days of your life comes stress to plan the happiest day of your life: the wedding. It will be the event that no one will ever forget, the event whose pictures will be still shown in 50 years. And certainly every bride wants to be the prettiest woman of her day.


It starts with finding the right dress, looking in dozens of bridal magazines to get inspiration or the closest copy of your dream dress. This overwhelming and amazing feeling when you finally tried on your dream dress… and in the same moment the nice lady at the wedding boutique asks for your size a little voice in your head tells you that you should purchase the dress two sizes smaller. For a few brides-to-be, this seems to be the perfect motivation, but for the bigger part there is just more pressure to deal with. Suddenly another question pops up in your head: what shall I do now? You neither want to look starved in your gown nor restrained.


Doing things for yourself

Every bride should look fit and pretty on her wedding day; no dark circles around the eyes or a dull skin that could indicate the stressful weeks before.


Support from others

For all the brides that try to do everything on their own: it might sound easier than it actually is, but it’s important to not forget about yourself during the whole planning process. Sharing the major part of the work with your future husband, family and friends will give you some time for yourself.


spa beauty treatment


Spa and beauty treatments

To calm down and to forget about all problems that might be there is sometimes just necessary, whereas it doesn’t matter if you are having some relaxing time at home or in a spa. A simple but effective treatment for your skin is a peeling made out of olive oil and sugar or a facial mask. Just as well a good tea, hot bath or little nap can work miracles. Besides, have you known that getting enough sleep is as important as doing sports?



I know that it’s hard to overcome one’s weaker self, but doing sports isn’t necessarily meant with a 90 minutes sports session. You could also try something more fun like a normal gym class, your favourite sport or just a little walk. Above all, the recipe for a well-formed body is made out of 30% workout and 70% food. So you should focus more on kitchen than on the hundredth workout to fit your wedding gown perfectly.


yogaHealthy lifestyle

But to avoid misunderstandings: being fit and healthy doesn’t mean that you have to abstain from chocolate and carbs (especially when chocolate is the only thing that could prevent from a nervous breakdown), it is meant as a well-balanced lifestyle including sports, beauty treatments, healthy food and now and then a little cheat meal.


With all those little tips above, you will create the perfect basis for your shining beauty   on your wedding day; everything remaining you can leave to the hair stylist and makeup artist. And always keep in mind: your husband loves you the way you are, so don’t let any pressure change your personality.

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