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How To Plan a Surprise Hen Party

Posted by Alec on August 5 2014.

How To Plan a Surprise Hen Party

Planning a hen party can be stressful as it is – without having to plan it all as a surprise without the bride knowing. Any tips that can make the process easier must be worth reading… right? Here are the top things you need to consider when planning your (surprise) hen party and how to avoid getting found out before the big night!

How To Plan a Surprise Hen Party -Get hold of your bride’s calendar

You don’t want to schedule the most amazing hen party online to find the lady in the spotlight already has plans! Brides are often extremely busy around the time of their weddings – so double booking is a mistake that’s easily made. Perhaps tell your bride you need her on a certain date to chat about your bridesmaid dress (say it’s not fitting right or something) and then surprise her then. Or get her fiance involved and make sure he makes sure she doesn’t book anything in for that particular day.

How To Plan a Surprise Hen Party – Plan something she’d love

Most people love surprises – but your friend isn’t going to love you if you organise activity that she hates. Don’t book for you all to skydive if the bride is terrified of heights – it’ll only ruin her day and she’ll feel pressure to enjoy it even though she’s hating every second. Go with something you either know she loves (like cocktails and fancy dress) or something you know she’s always wanted to try.

Even if you want to keep everything a surprise from the hen, find out what the rest of the group want to do – having everyone in on the plans will make the day run a lot more smoothly and will take the pressure off of you.

 How To Plan a Surprise Hen Party – Keep everyone’s’ budget in mind

Set up a hidden Facebook thread between all the potential guests and agree on a budget that is sensible and reasonable. If you put the budget too high you run the risk of no-one turning up, which is last thing you want if you’re planning the hen party as a surprise! Sometimes something simple and fun can be just as effective as jetting off to Ibiza for the weekend.       

How To Plan a Surprise Hen Party – Borrow the bride’s address book

Make sure you’ve invited everyone important to the bride. Perhaps she wants her mum to be there, maybe she doesn’t – these are all things you need to find out before you start planning. Her finance may have a good idea of this – so it’s worth asking him.

How To Plan a Surprise Hen Party – Leave time for delays

One of the main causes of stress at hen parties is delays – leave at least an hour between activities to get to your next destination. There are plenty of things that’ll hold you up on the day – traffic, waiting for everyone to go to the loo, late taxis, and lots more! Be ready for delays and be prepared to chill out at a bar and cafe if you get a spare half hour.

Contributed by a writer working with Calle Arco. A luxury books retailer.

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