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How To Plan A Budget Wedding

Posted by veronika BLASKOVA on June 7 2017.

You want a fairytale wedding with wedding invitations, cake, decorations, music, dress, … but how do you want to fit it within your wedding budget? It is a big day for the bride and a groom and it requires lots of planning. To have all sorts of things well planned at the wedding might cost you around £16,000- £18, 000. The pricey bits are usually the venue, food and alcohol. There is always a way how to cut on the cost and still have that dreamt wedding.

Budget wedding

You can start with creating your own wedding invitations. Internet is full of DIY ideas. Only on Pinterest you will find some amazing ideas. You can find there inspirations for invitations, decorations, table centerpieces that will save you hundreds of pounds that can be used for your honeymoon gateway. You can pick from all sorts of theme and adjusted to your wedding. Paper heart chains around the table and hand-madegreeting card comes in as an idea.


When it comes to catering, serving food and having a big reception you will be able to have all that and still save up some bits. You can still have everything you ever dreamt about with a cheeky spin. Having a nice frozen quiche, salmon and strawberries with the cream for a dessert. This can easily be purchased from retailers that offer a good quality food and your guest will appreciate your good taste. If you require waiters you don’t need professionals. As a plan B you can hire teenagers for less money that will be happy to get some extra cash and you will be glad to have someone to serve you.  You can still buy champagne for the toast and for your guest that will appreciate some nice bubbly at the reception.

Now, what to do about the venue? As the venue is one of the biggest expenses to save some £££  you can hire nice and spacious garden. It will be perfect for your DIY decorations and you can also get creative with flowers and some garden lights that can be bought for a few pounds.

wedding party food

Every bride wants that perfect princess dress with the veil and some glamorous accessorize. You can still save money on the wedding dress without scarifying the style. There are affordable options that can suit your budget. You can purchase the wedding dress online but thet might be a tricky choice taking a size and the length and other attributes of the dress.

Some brides buy a second hand dress or borrow it from the shop. They tend to visit charity shops or thrift shops for inspirations. If you are a creative bride you can always add some bits and pieces to your dress and make it look unique and personalized.

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