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How To Make a Flower Crown

Posted by Hannah Carrier on June 7 2017.

The sun is shining and wedding season is coming! Whilst this post won’t necessarily help you work out what to wear to a wedding, you’ll know how to achieve the festival goddess look at the summer weddings! Ditch the age-old fascinators for the more modern alternative: flower crowns.


The Base

crafts flowers diyTo start your flower crown, you’ll need a base to work from. There is a range of options to choose from that all work just as well but suit different people. The typical foundations of a flower crown include a simple alice band head band, a three inch slide in hair grip and a 360 degree band that sits around the head like a halo. Consider which one suits you and your outfit better and you can begin. Also note the purpose – you’re not going to want a clip if you’re active and you’re not going to want a full head of flowers for something more formal.


The Decorations

flowers Let’s start with the obvious decorations you’ll be needing to make a flower crown: fresh flowers! The emphasis on fresh is important! If you’re not wanting to use the flower crown on the spot and are hoping for it to last an entire festival or an event, for example, you’ll want them as fresh as possible to be as long-lasting as possible. Additional decorations can include general foliage, some beads and pearls and even some feathers if you’re after a Wilderness vibe! Generally, it is up to you what extras you’d like to add.


The Finishing Touches

flower crown festivalTo finish your flower crown, ensure that everything has settled into place and is sitting in the right place. Then you can decide whether you’re going to leave it largely natural or jazz it up a bit. Some people add a touch of netting or tulle to their flower crowns, bands and clips whilst others keep it floral. A great way of achieving a trail in a floral way is to use trailing ivy. Additionally, you can make the flowers sparkle with some glitter spray! Just be sure not to weigh down the petals or they’ll become droopy!


Send photos of your flower crowns in to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Alternatively, come to one of our flower crown making parties and we’ll do all of this with you!


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