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How to Keep that Token Drunk Family Member Out of Trouble at Your Wedding

Posted by Hannah Carrier on June 7 2017.

While your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, it can sometimes become an embarrassment if one of your family members has a few too many drinks along the way. When this happens, chances are there will be at least one incident that everyone would like to forget. However, the good news is that even if you have a family member who gets drunk at your wedding, it’s still possible to salvage the day without being embarrassed. If you have a family member that may attend your wedding and become drunk, here are some ways you can keep them out of trouble and still enjoy your special day.



Helping with Decorations

keep drunk family member out of trouble at weddingIf you want to keep your drunken family member out of trouble at your wedding, enlist their help with the decorations. They’ll likely feel a sense of pride and ownership in the wedding, and will thus be far less likely to cause a scene. For example, purchasing DIY flowers for the wedding centerpieces, that are high-quality, easy to arrange, and as much as 50 percent cheaper than those found at traditional florists, is a great way of offering a craft project to keep someone busy without spending too much.


The Designated Chaperone

designated chaperone of drunk family member stop ruining weddingJust like a party has a designated driver to ensure good behaviour, the same concept should be in place at your wedding. During the planning process, ask a family member or good friend to keep an eye out for trouble and then approach them. The chaperone can also, at their discretion, cut family members from having any additional alcohol, which may help avert an embarrassing situation. 


Give a Heads Up to the Bartender

bartender keep drunk family member out of trouble at weddingIf you want to keep any embarrassing situations to a minimum, speak with the bartender who will be at your wedding. By discussing the situation beforehand, and providing a description of the character, both you and the bartender will be able to head off any potential problems before they get out of hand. Since most bartenders are trained in how to deal with drunk customers, chances are the two of you will get excellent results.


Don’t Invite Them to the Wedding

dont invite them to your wedding bride groom ringWhile it may sound harsh, the fact is your wedding day is meant to be your special day, and you should not allow someone else to ruin it for you. Therefore, if you’ve got a family member who may not be able to be kept in check, consider leaving them off the guest list altogether. If you decide to do this, explain the situation to other relatives and help them understand your reasoning and ensure your special day goes off without a hitch.



Call a Cab

wedding If all else fails while your guest is at your wedding, simply call a cab to take them home. While you may need to slip the driver a big tip for the inconvenience they’re bound to encounter along the way, it’s a small price to pay to keep your wedding ceremony civilised and elegant. While it’s always difficult to deal with a drunk family member at a wedding or other special occasion, utilizing these tips will increase the chances your big day will go off exactly as planned.


This blog post was written by a guest blogger, Robert.

Robert is a freelance content marketing professional who has been proving an intellectual insight on a variety of topics like travel, technology, lifestyle, fashion etc. Previously Robert has worked as a marketing manager for a software startup from where he developed his exemplary writing skills.


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