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How to help pick the perfect wines for a friend’s Wedding Reception

Posted by Wilson Drew on June 7 2017.

As the maid of honour, it falls to you not only create the perfect Hen Party to celebrate your champagne weddingbest friend but there are lot of other decisions you will be vital to help with. One of these is the wine. With an entire globe to choose from, the possibilities and options available can be a daunting challenge for any bride and being able to provide useful and constructive help is key to help reduce the stress felt by the bride-to-be. We believe that every single moment of the reception, from the pre-dinner aperitif, to the post dinner toast all require special attention so we have scoured the web for the best advice we can give you, to give to your best friend.


Check the guest list

Depending on the amount of guests attending the wedding reception will directly influence the amount of wine to be purchased. Allow 6 servings of red, white and rose per bottle while a sparkling wine or champagne on average serves 8 in flutes.


Ask the venue

Some venues will only let you choose a wine selection from their own list, while others may allow wine to be brought in but charge a corking fee. Make sure you understand what is available and what you can bring.


Taste with food

While some wines are created to be served by themselves, the majority of

Rose wine in glasses on table

the wine that will be consumed at the wedding reception will be drank with food. If possible, taste the selection of wine you will be helping to choose from with the courses that will be served. Finding the perfect match will enhance both the food and the wine itself. Some suggested pairings are:

White fish, seafood, chicken: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling & Rosé
Roast beef, lamb, other red meats: Shiraz / Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon & Bordeaux
Dessert / Cheese: Muscat/Muscatel, Port & Sherry



We advise that for red, whites and rosé a budget of between £6-£10 per bottle is ideal whereas sparkling wines and champagnes should be the main investment, with a guide price of around £25 a bottle.



For outdoor receptions, especially those in the summer, include an equal amount of red to white, with a good proportion of rosé available alongside sparkling wine or champagne. For winter or indoor receptions you do not need to include rosé.


Have Fun

The reception is the celebratory part of the wedding, choosing the wine should be a fun and light-hearted time. If you are not having fun, then the guests may not either.



Look out for our wine-tasting guide this week to understand the flavours inherent in each different style of wine and which would be suited to the tastes of the wedding party and guests and if you’re still looking for ideas for a hen party, why not try our Wine Tasting or Champagne Tasting.


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