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How to Flirt and Seduce

Posted by laura on October 18 2013.

Do women know how to flirt and seduce?  – There have been lots of discussion about changes in the new dating scene and the role of women in relationships lately. You may have heard of some of the popular books and manuals such as ‘Why men love bitches’, ‘Why you’re still single’, ‘Make him beg to be your man’ and ‘Think like a man act like a lady’. The list is endless, with the books offering contradictory advice between them but enough dating scenarios very close to home. One thing they all have in common however is encouraging women to display confidence, this is paramount in successful dating/flirting.

Should women make the first  move? Here at Polestars we say YES! We’ve come up with three comprehensive reasons why its beneficial to flirt, seduce, approach and make the first move with men and how to flirt.

How to flirt and seduce

Three Reasons Why Women Should Approach Men.

1)      To Rub his ego!

Have you ever noticed men love compliments? Well probably not if you’re not accustomed to handing them out! It’s a rare and wonderful gem for them, us girls compliment each other all the time for example ‘I love your shoes where did you buy them from’. These compliments get thrown around daily not to mention the cheesy one liners from guys in passing trying to chat you up. Our male counterparts on the other hand are less likely to feel comfortable giving each other mini compliments, its simply not done. For a guy to hear from an attractive lady he’s got nice eyes or if you’re cheeky a great bum, trust me he’ll never forget it. He will carry that compliment around with him all week! This is a great way to get a guy to notice you or to give your man a good boost, it really works.

2)      The High success rate.

How annoying is it getting approached by loud slimy guys you have no interest in and then going home at the end of the night with no numbers as you refused them all? Admittedly on a night out sometimes this can be hilarious but the other half of the time it’s annoying.  Well its this simple ladies, if you approach the guys you like your only dealing with… the guys you like! The only way this can go wrong is if as soon as your potential hunk opens his mouth you realise he can’t string a sentence together but that’s all part of the fun.

3)      It Reminds him your exceptional

The girl who has approached him has instantly made herself stand out. Now not only does he know who you are, but he knows your confident too! We all know guys are simple, and most of the time they don’t like to play mind games with women. It’s a challenge for men  to figure out in their pursuits who is really interested when their doing the chasing. Approaching a guy however initially eliminates this, he immediately knows your interested and it gives the impression you won’t waste his time, consequently he has more time for you.

“You had my curiosity but now girl you have got my attention!’.

How to flirt



How to Flirt and Seduce

Gone are the days of timid women who wait around to be chosen! Most men these days would prefer confidence in their women and there is no surer way to display this than a good old flirt! Here at Polestars we have a brand new party dedicated to science of how to flirt and seduce.  You may wish to take the subtle approach or you may choose to be bold, either way with our  highly experienced seduction experts we can teach you the best way to keep that mans attention. This party is designed to help your single hens bag and keep and man. For the loved up hens  and bride to be this party acts as a refresher course and will take you back to the initial flirty days in your relationship!

How to flirt and seduce


How to flirt and seduce hen party

Our new class takes you through an exploration of sensuality, by teaching you how to heighten your arousal and instantly switch on your man. Our teachers will provide tailored advice on how to flirt and seduce, how to make the most of your figure and subtle or bold ways to highlight your best features. The class includes blind fold tasks, taste test games, a flirting technique lesson and role play. By the end of the class you and your hens would have learned enough tips and tricks to take you well into married life!

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