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How to Create a Perfect Wedding Desert Table?

Posted by Olivar Calvo Sandy on June 7 2017.

Wedding Couple day bride groom dress
Your wedding will probably be the best and the happiest day of your life. All the attention will be focused on you… And on your wedding cake! That’s why your wedding desert table in one of the key elements of your wedding.


We advise you to surprise your guests with your weeding dessert table.






Choosing a theme is the first step to create your wedding table. It must match with all the other elements of your wedding. Once this is done, you must never forget to add colours. It will make it more beautiful for your wedding desert table. We advise you to go for bright colours and choose only two or three colours to keep it simple.





The height is the main element that will help your wedding table to be special. It will help you to create depth and visual impact. More, it allows you to focus on the elements that you want to bring forward, such as your wedding cake.cake wedding


Think about whether you wish to give your guests more choices, so your pastries can have different colours, forms, heights and to cater for all tastes.


Moreover, sometimes it’s better to make everything by yourself to save money or to create exactly what you want. That’s why we love the DoItYourself cakes stand concept. You just need to use vintages boxes or whatever else, to decorate and to place it as you want.


You also have the possibility to create your own cake stand only with plates, candlesticks and glue. If you’re interested by this, we advise you to see the DIY tutorial by The Bearfoot Baker and this DIY tutorial by Wedding Chicks. This is very beautiful and easy!






Now, we are going to talk about the most interesting and funny part, my favourite bit!


First impressions are the most important thing. So you need to add many decorative elements on your table such as flowers, candles. Use few extra vases to put your flowers on your tables. Those decorative elements must be simple, in order to create a smooth atmosphere.






This little extra touch will attract many attentions to your wedding desert table.

Wedding Champagne flowers
You can put many things that you like and it’s not expensive. This will decorate the walls, things that we forget sometimes.


Here are different backdrop ideas :
– Balloons
– Ribbon garlands
– Pictures garlands
– Marquis lights
– A simple fabric backdrop






We put the most important thing at the last step! We know that this is what you’ve been waiting for … The choice of your DESSERTS! Chocholate Fountain weddin dessert


Whilst a classic wedding cake is clearly in order its worth considering some other ideas:


– Delicious sweet table
– The macaroons cone
– The Ice Bar
– The pyramid of cupcakes
– The chocolate fountain
– The assortment of fruits




So finally, the best thing to do is to make something that represents yourself , make sure your choices are for you and not to please your guests and it will be perfect!


This is our Pinterest board about Wedding Cake !


Thank you very much WeddingPartyApp , for inspiring us for this article.


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