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How To Control A Bridezilla

Every bride is bound to get a little bit stressed, irrational, crazy in the run up to their big day. With everything hanging in the balance, there’s no telling what sort of floral disasters or culinary mishaps could occur. That’s stressful. We get it. But for the innocent bystanders (aka. the wedding party) the whole process can be a bit traumatic. So how do you really control a Bridezilla?

how to control a bridezilla

        • Shut up and Put up. This is the first step to take to control a Bridezilla. Smile, nod and keep your fingers crossed it’s a one off. Accept that the bride-to-be is probably just stressed and it’s an unfortunate accident that her stress has been mis-directed at you. Hopefully.
          • Let her let it all out. If she is stressed then letting her vent will serve the dual purpose of calming her down and getting you brownie points. So let her go off on one; she hates her dress, her mother-in-law is Satan incarnate, the boutonnieres are Just. All. Wrong. You get to be the tolerant, patient bridesmaid – she gets to chill out.

control a bridezilla over disappointing boutonniere

            • Now it’s your turn. She didn’t chill out as you hoped. She’s still an absolute nightmare. You still want to strangle her a little bit with your hideous bridesmaid shawl. Now is your turn to vent. But pick your audience wisely. Maybe don’t start ranting to the bride’s sister? Pick an unrelated, neutral friend and let it all out.
              • Diversion. Organise a wedding-neutral get together. Remember all the reasons you’re friends and not just a bridesmaid. Do a sleepover and reminisce about those school crushes and cringey teen dress choices. Remind her of her identity outside of being a bride and, more importantly, remind her of yours.
                • Intervention. If you’ve followed all the steps and the Bridezilla has only got worse, now is the time for an intervention. Take your bride to a café, a spa – somewhere neutral where she won’t feel on edge. Then start talking. Calmly. Don’t just bombard her with every reason why she’s driving you up the wall. Sound understanding. Do it right and she should see that you’re not just being mean, you’re telling her for her sake. And your friendships’.
  • Last Resort: None of it has worked, you have not been able to control a bridezilla: you’re pretty sure she should be committed, and for the sake of your friendship you’ve decided to take a step back and relinquish your place in the bridal party. She’ll probably sulk a little, you’ll go to the wedding as a guest and, if you’re really lucky, you might even get an apology after the wedding when she finally kicks her Bridezilla habit. Approach her at the reception, tell her how beautiful the wedding is, how gorgeous she is and how happy you are for her. Even the scariest Bridezillas won’t be able to withstand the power of a bridal compliment.

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