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How To Avoid Hangover On New Year’s Day

Posted by veronika BLASKOVA on June 7 2017.

How To Avoid Hangover On New Year’s Day Christmas is nearly here and along the way comes the New Year’s eve. Everyone is excited to have the biggest party of the year. On 31st when clock ticks midnight everyone pops the champagne, looks up to sky and breathlessly watch fireworks. Those few minutes spent outside on the cold are over soon and then proper celebration can begin. Combining all different spirits, wines and beer might not be the best choice. Avoid hangover on New Year’s Day to have a better kick off to New Year.


Avoid Hangover on New Year’s Day


It is a horrible feeling to wake up with the headache, dry mouth and stomach ache. Yeah, we all been there. However, you can still enjoy yourself, have some drinks during the night and wake up fresh. These are a few essential tips how to avoid hangover that can come useful during parties and different celebrations.


A bit of an extraordinary, fresh and hangover proof drink is called WaterVodka.It is a simple and fresh mixture with vodka and soda followed by the slice of lemon. Add crushed ice and mix it up. As known the hangovers are caused by dehydration in the body. Drinking WaterVodka will get you in the mood and soda will keep your body hydrated. Long sugary cocktail are known for high alcohol content and are mixed with sugary juices and sodas. Taste of these drinks is often deceitful. Sweet and mouthwatering taste might make you like look a zombie.


vodka  water drinks

You can be creative and mix soda with gin if you fancy different spirit. Add a slice of cucumber and crushed ice. People tend to get drunk faster when drinking alcohol through straw. Keep your glass save and sip slowly. The night is long and you don’t have to rush with your drinks.


cucamber cocktail drinks

As the night is getting wilder and people are getting drunk you can save the situation and offer glasses of water that people will appreciate. If not during the night at least in the morning. You can also drink small glasses of water throughout the night.

In case all of these advices failed and you didn’t avoid hangover prepare yourself an emergency breakfast kit consisting of pizza, sparkling water and some sweet treat. Good luck and best wishes in the New Year!


 pizza bitescake



Cheers to no hangovers!

If you would like more cocktails ideas and get into the party mood find some inspiring ideas on our Pinterest site.

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