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Add a Touch of Sexy to Your Wedding

Posted by Holly Anderson on June 7 2017.

Why not add a touch of sexy to your wedding? Everybody has their own idea of what ‘sexy’ means. Adding a bit of sexiness to your wedding certainly doesn’t require the bride and groom to do anything vulgar, nor does it mean that they need to offend the grandparents or ban children from the ceremony. Rather, more than a few couples have found that they can add a bit of beauty and confidence to their wedding by underscoring it with a light-handed touch of sexiness.

It’s important to note that sexiness does not necessarily equate with overt sex. It’s almost always going to be a relatively reserved and demure. The effects can be spectacular, and you can end up with a stand-out ceremony that friends and family remember for years to come.

Try incorporating some of the following to add a touch of sexy to your ceremony:

Get the bridal party in the mood with a sexy hen party

Looking for ways to get the bridesmaids geared up for a slightly suggestive wedding day? Nothing will put the maid of honour and her entourage in the right frame of mind better than a sexy pole dancing lesson before you actually go out for the hen party. Bring all the ladies together for a two-hour session, which gives them time to work on a new repertoire of pole-dancing moves that they can show off later in the evening or (if you are really feeling brave) at the wedding reception.

There are several compelling reasons to start a hen party off like this, not least the chance to help everyone loosen up for the remainder of the evening. Hen parties usually take a couple of hours to really warm up anyway, and starting the festivities out on a sexy pole is going to ensure that everyone is out the gate at full speed.

wedding invitationAdd some sizzle to your invites

You don’t have to go over the top in order to give your invites a touch of sexy. Without being too heavy handed, simply consider livening up your evening wedding invitations with a dash of daring colour. Any combination of red and black is going to create an evocative sense, especially when this is used in conjunction with a touch of burlesque. To achieve this, shop around for invites that incorporate a bit of sexy lace into the motif. In addition to this, you may also opt to purchase the lace separately and incorporate it on your own.

Just remember: if your invites have a hint of sexiness to them, people are going to come to your wedding ceremony (or at least to the reception) with heightened expectations. They’ll be keeping their eyes open for suggestions that this ceremony might be more charged than the usual variety.

Add a boudoir photo shoot for a touch of ‘sexy’!

When you are arranging the bridal shoot in the weeks leading up to the ceremony, ask the photographer if he or she would mind incorporating a few boudoir poses into the mix. These would ideally be taken during the morning photo shoot when the bride is getting ready for the big day. It’s a great opportunity to show off some of the sexy lingerie that she has planned for the honeymoon, and she can also offer a few evocative or slightly erotic poses with the bridal veil, jewellery and high-heeled shoes. Of course, wearing absolutely nothing at all is also a possibility, just be sensitive about who is allowed to see the final product.

Take sexy morning-after pictures

wedding day dress bride groom

There’s a new sexy trend in wedding photography. The photographer comes back to the honeymoon suit the morning after the ceremony and snaps a few photos of the bride and groom in revealing and evocative poses. This trend has been widely reported on in the US, and more than a few columnists have called its veracity into question. The problem is that, for all the hype the trend has created, the same photographer has been called upon to explain the trend in every case. Regardless of whether this is a bona fide trend or a crafty marketing ploy, the fact remains that letting a photographer in on some your most intimate moments after tying the knot is certainly a sizzling proposition.


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