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Hot Tips for Helping Indian Brides to Choose the Best Handmade Mangalsutra

Posted by Hannah Carrier on April 7 2017.

Not just an item of jewellery, the mangalsutra is a symbol of the married status worn by women in all parts of India. Considered auspicious by married women, the necklace comprises two strings of black beads along with a pendant. The black beads are believed to be imbued with divine powers responsible for preserving the sanctity of the marriage. Contemporary mangalsutras often have beads of gold, while the pendant is often ornately designed and set with precious stones like diamonds, rubies or even coral. As may be expected, the design and composition of the mangalsutra differs from one part of the country to another depending on cultural preferences. However, given the enormous significance it has in Hindu marriages, every bride takes great pride and pain to select the best possible mangalsutra. Some valuable tips:

Decide On the Budget

mangalsutra necklace indian bride wedding

Due to the numerous ceremonies and religious observances involved in Hindu weddings, it is quite usual for the budget to be under strain. Apart from the bridal trousseau, various wedding jewellery also have to be bought, the mangalsutra is one of them. Since there are a great variety of designs of mangalsutras, it can often be quite difficult for the choice of the mangalsutra to be made. If you allocate a particular budget, it can make your job far easier because then you can focus on making the selection from a smaller assortment.


Decide On the Metal

beads metal indian bride jewellery choosing mangalsutraTraditionally, mangalsutras used to be made only out of gold, however, with the changing times and preferences, they are increasingly being crafted out of various other metals too like white gold, platinum, and even silver by the really budget-conscious. Because the choice of the metal has a direct bearing on the cost of the mangalsutra, deciding on the metal is one of the most important steps in the choice of the mangalsutra. Apart from the metal, the choice of precious stones for the pendant can also have a significant impact on the cost.


Go By Your Own Requirements

indian bride mangalsutra weddingHindu weddings involve entire families so there will be lots of opinions regarding the ideal mangalsutra, and that can get very confusing. While you need to listen to the views of the family elders, you should not to get carried away, but instead make a choice according to your own requirement and preference. For example, if you are a working woman and intend to wear the mangalsutra daily, be sure to pick something that is sophisticated yet lightweight. You can have the luxury of a handmade mangalsutra with an ornate design with lots of embellishments if you are choosing one that you intend to wear only on important occasions.


Choose a Pendant That Looks Good On You

indian bride mangalsutraThe choice of the mangalsutra pendant can be bewildering considering the huge assortment of pendants. Not only do you have to deal with the size but also with the style and the design, including the choice of the precious stones that you can have embedded in them. Needless to say, the really intricate designs with diamonds set in them are the costliest, however, you need to figure out what you prefer in terms of size and style and then find out whether it looks good on you.


The best way is to make a shortlist of the designs that you really like and then try them out one by one before the mirror to find out which one looks best on you. The sort of attire you wear as also the frequency of using the mangalsutra will determine the final choice. The number of stands of the chain and their length will also be crucial in determining how good you look in a particular design.


Like virtually every piece of jewellery, mangalsutras are available in a bewildering selection. Ultimately the final choice should be really personal keeping in mind what you are comfortable with. While it is definitely not necessary for you to go in for something that is really expensive, you should go in for the best that you can afford in terms of the quality of materials and workmanship for an ornament that will be as enduring as your marriage.


Author bio: Barrack Diego is the senior sales manager at Perigems.com, the leading online retailer of fine jewellery. Barrack is a prolific writer and blogger on Indian jewellery trends and issues.


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