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Bollywood Dance – A Brief History

Posted by laura on October 15 2014.

Bollywood dance mixed

Bombay meets Hollywood: Bollywood Dance vs Pole dancing hen party

Bollywood hen party Dance is a South Asian mixture of bellydance, kathak, (Indian folk) and popular western dance.  Bollywood is linked to the popular south Asian film industry based around Hindi influences. The origins of the word ‘Bollywood’ stem from Bombay (Mumbai) and Hollywood.  Bollywood dance gained popularity in South Asia around the 1930’s although its first movie has been recorded as 1913. Following India’s independence from the 1940’s Bollywood saw a boom often referred to as its ‘Golden Age’ from the 1940’s -60’s.

old bollywodAs we all know the highlight of these movies is the beautiful dance choreography and original soundtracks. The stars of completely polished and ooze exotic glamour in tailored attire.

The dances were derived from classic Indian dance styles called Tawaif, Kathak and Bharatanatyam.  In Bollywood movies typically the star performs with a troupe of supporting dancers, in numbers as large as 100+ in major scenes. With the huge success of films such as ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ the exposure of South Asian and Bollywood film has widen significantly. This exposure works both ways, over the year’s elements of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Arabic and Latin form.

The Success of Bollywood dance is growing by the minute with the new Miss America being an Indian-American and her talent being Bollywood dancing.

It’s important to mention that in many Bollywood movies they use unrealistic settings for dances to be filmed, this is highlighting the escapist quality of Hollywood moves and dance. I think this is something to consider when you are going to a Bollywood class, let yourself go! If you’re able to have some props and costumes in a good class then it’s easy to be taken to an exotic place and dance around like a queen! I think its this kind of glamour that appeals to most ladies when choosing Bollywood, also the sequences look absolutely beautiful when performed in groups intertwine with each other.

bollywood dance scene


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