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Whisky tasting

£33.00(Min 10)* 020 7274 4865- - -hen do ideas - email info@polestars.net


Length: 90 Mins


Hailing from the beautiful highlands with its fresh single malt aroma and strong and breath-taking taste comes forth the distinguished scotch whisky shared and enjoyed by every brave heart all over the world.


From its humble beginnings in Scotland to its far reaching existence, it only stands as a testament of time to its conception and ingenuity. All this naturally presented to you in a 90-mins pack educating you to its timeless process and ageless content. 4/5 tasting all together including drink from chosen spirit and blind tasting.


Whether you like yours tamed or wild and free in its natural element you will walk away feeling a new found respect for the beauty of this legendary and fiery elixir.


Over 18s only

      • 90 mins session in Whisky
      • Professional mixologist
      • Learn the process and methods story behind the spirit.
      • 4/5 tastings altogether including welcome cocktail, blind tasting and farewell drink
      • Over 18s on this hen party


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