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Sushi Making Class

£48.00 (min 10) 020 7274 4865- - -hen do ideas - email info@polestars.net


Length: 2 Hours


The ancient art of Sushi is brought to life in the Polestars latest Hen party product. To give you an idea of the skills these chefs possess it takes 15 years to become a trained sushi chef and it only takes 7 to become a doctor! During the 2 hour Sushi class you will learn a brief history of the cuisine then the group will learn how to make 4 different types of sushi before eating it all at the end. All the ingredients are authentic and fresh.


    • 2 hours session in the art of sushi making
    • Professional sushi chef will teach you how to prepare
    • All ingredients fresh and we don’t use raw fish in sushi. Suitable for expecting ladies
    • Dress to your preference
    • Private session including Sake (Authentic Japanese rice brandy)

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