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Length: 2 Hours


A Parkour workshop is definitely for the girls who don’t mind getting  few chipped nails in the process! A 2 hour adrenaline fuelled lesson, Parkour is a great way for a group to really physically push their boundaries in an activity that everyone has an affinity for, even if they don’t know it yet!


You will learn to view your environment in a new and exciting way before spending time moving through this specially chosen outdoor area in a dynamic and innovative way.


This is a party that will encourage teamwork, self-confidence and achievement. More importantly, it’s high-energy, very physical and will keep you on your toes….!!


      • 2 hour session in Parkour
      • Learn how to free run, climb and jump like the pros
      • See the sights and views of your city from a Parkour point of view
      • Dress ready for high impact activities and the weather
      • Suitable for beginners to advance




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