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How to book your hen party :

Call our office or send us an email to book your hen party or for any enquiries:

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Length: 1 hour


If you are looking for an activity that can be enjoyed by your whole group then a Hen Party Photoshoot is a great choice. Dress to impress and let the hen show off in front of the camera. This photoshoot is the ideal activity for ladies of all ages, especially if the bride-to-be wants her family to come along as there will be plenty of posing and pouting. Why not pick a theme and all dress accordingly to produce memorable photos that can be used at the wedding or as a momento for the bride to keep for her scrap book.


        • 1 hour photo shoot experience
        • Talented photographers.
        • Hair styling and make up not included. Any special requirements please ask before booking.
        • Private photoshoot for your group.
        • Usually drinks are allowed in studios however they are subject to venue policy. Be sure to ask before booking.

**Around 50 unedited photos included

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How to book

Online – by clicking this link you will be directed to an online booking form. Pop your details on here, pay your deposit and we will send you a confirmation email.

Telephone – call us on 020 7274 4865 and we will check availability for your party, take your deposit and book you in.


Will my make-up be done before this photoshoot?

This photoshoot will only be one hour long, without any make-up artists present. If you are looking to book both a makeover and photoshoot then we offer that too! Find more information here: http://polestars.net/hen-party/makeover-and-photoshoot-hen-party/

Will the photographer try to sell me print outs?

There will be no print outs whatsoever. All of the images are available online for you to print out as you see fit.

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