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Craft Beer Tasting

£33.00(Min 10)* 020 7274 4865- - -hen do ideas - email info@polestars.net


Length: 90 mins 


Craft beer tasting is the fashionable and cutting edge way of sampling beer produced by independent microbrewers.  It was traditionally brewed by women and now women are taking back the craft. Microbrewery beers come in a myriad of flavorsome varieties, some are inspired by the women who create them. It’s one of the biggest growing products in todays pubs and bars and it’s definitely not just for boys!


    • 90 mins of tasting of craft beer
    • Get to taste up to 4/5 selections of craft beer
    • Experience the attraction of this latest trend in craft beer
    • Sample different flavours with consistant high quality
    • Fun and enjoyable master class providing in-depth knowledge about craft beers



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