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Animal Sanctuary Hen Party

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If the bride-to-be is an animal lover then this is the animal hen party of dreams! Spend a few hours in an animal park or sanctuary and work together to create a toy, game or enclosure feature for the animals. From reptiles to meerkats, giraffes and monkeys, there are a variety of animals who would love a new play toy, climbing frame or challenge! With the guidance of two professional instructors, you will create balls, hiding houses, climbing equipment or other fun features that the animals will love to explore and play with. What’s the best part of this hen party? You’ll get to see the furry residents use whatever you make at the end of the session! Make a group of animals (and an animal lover bride) happy with this unique opportunity of a hen party!



    • Half day session
    • Unique hen party, perfect for animal lovers
    • Help a sanctuary or safari park
    • Professional guides of animal welfare and enrichment
    • Learn new skills as you build a toy, game or feeder for the animals
    • Get to see the animals be introduced to the toy!

(We take enquiries for other locations as partnerships are being discussed with other parks between Birmingham and Scotland. Additionally we have links with zoos and sanctuaries all over the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe).

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