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hen party planning – A Classy Affair

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on June 8 2017.

Abi – our talented dance teach from Southampton – shares her hen party planning ideas.

My friend Caroline is planning her friend Sarah’s hen party this July. It seems miles off but we know how quickly it will loom up and how everyone is counting the pennies at the moment, so we thought we’d best get brainstorming ASAP. And since I myself got married last year, Caroline figured I was a pretty good person to go to for hen party planning advice!

hen party planning

Our bride to be Sarah is quite a timid character so we had to figure out how to make a nice fuss of her without embarrassing her. Add to that her group of hens don’t all know each other – some are uni friends, others family – so we had to plan something inclusive that would somehow relax all the girls and get everyone talking, and relaying stories about how they’ve come to be so close to Sarah.

Sarah’s also rather a posh little lady,and she has already banned any penis references, so deeley boppers with plastic penis ends are a no go! She’s definitely more of a ‘Sex And The City’ kinda girl, so that seemed a good place to start.

First off we reserved a date that everyone can do – a Saturday, as that means nobody has to take any time off work – and we decided to stay local so that nobody had to fork out for hotels either. This leaves some money in the kitty for activities. And we should have the weather on our side too, although making an allowance in case it isn’t, is probably a good idea! and makes the hen party planning complete!

We’ve decided to kick the day off with a champagne afternoon tea at a posh country house in Winchester. We called the venue well in advance to reserve the best table they had, and asked about discounts for a booking of so many well-dressed ladies. They offered us our own private dining room free of charge, which we gladly accepted. And that means we can enjoy a beautiful view over a scone and cucumber sarnies, and the opportunity to walk the grounds in the sunshine, should the weather hold out.

We’ll then head over to a cocktail making class (a la SATC). Hopefully by now the girls will have chatted a little and introduced themselves, and we’ll have a belly of food to keep us sober (ish) throughout the masterclass. The teacher will show Sarah how to make the cocktails first, and then we’ll all have a go too. We actually did this activity for my hen party last year and it went down a storm, so I know this is a sure-fire recipe for success.

Afterwards we’ll head to a local nightclub, and again we’ve called them in advance to ask about their best deals for a group of ladies in posh frocks. They’ve offered us a fab table in a newly refurbished bar room, along with a sharing cocktail to continue our ‘Sex And The City’ theme.  We might order Sarah a few bottles in advance too, as it’s cheaper to pay for them upfront than to buy them from the bar when you get there. This is quite a saving on a £90 bottle of vodka obviously! 

We’ve also created a private group on Facebook so that we can share the hen party planning and ask questions about the event, and let the girls know where to pay their deposits and the like. Everyone’s really excited for the event, and I’m sure it’ll be brilliant.”

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