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Hen Party Planning Tips; Back Off Bridezilla

Hen Party Planning Tips; Back Off Bridezilla

Personally, I do not think it is necessarily a bad thing to be a control freak. I like to know exactly what is happening at all times, and to ensure that I have this knowledge it is often best for me to take control of the situation. That is not to say that I don’t like surprises, even if they do worry me ever so slightly! That said, our top hen party planning tip is to relax and simply cast a watchful eye over a trusted best mate as she does most of the leg-work.

Hen Party Planning Tips; Back Off Bridezilla

Polestars have put together this guide on how to not be a bridezilla to help all brides-to-be to keep calm and carry on with their hen party!

      • Trust your organisers

As a bride-to-be you have to trust your friends and family to not force you to do things that you hate, and you need to understand that they know you pretty well and wouldn’t want to spoil your night. If you don’t want to become a bridezilla on your big night the key is to trust the organisers. Without trust you will just work yourself into frenzy and everybody will have a terrible night.

Even though a lot of friends and family would like to take over the hen party plans it may be best for you to choose one person, possibly the maid-of-honour, to be the lead organiser. This way you know that you have somebody who you can trust making all of the major decisions.

You can simply let your maid-of-honour know whether you’re after an adventurous weekend, something calm and gentle or a foodie-fest and let her organise the weekend from there.

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        • Get on with your other plans

During the run up to your wedding you are probably going to be much more stressed than you have ever been before. This is why you should be grateful for somebody else to organise your hen party; think of it as one less stressful thing on your plate!

Being the control freak that you are, you probably already have lists of things that you need to do. Get on with those and don’t worry about your hen night. See your hen night as a welcomed break in what is the most hectic time of your life.

          • Hint hint hint!

Our next hen party planning tip is a good old fashioned hint! As part of trusting your hen organisers you need to understand that nobody can make you do something that you don’t want to do. A classic example is male strippers. This really is a marmite situation on a hen night; some brides would love to see The Dream Boys whilst others couldn’t think of anything worse! The best way to get your way is to hint away to your hen organisers. Make sure they know exactly what you want without being too obvious.

We’ve all seen the Friends episode where Phoebe doesn’t get a stripper for her hen party and ends up immensely disappointed. Make sure you let everybody know exactly what you want so to not make the same mistake!

            • Just go with it

You’re only going to have one hen night (hopefully!) so you want to make it memorable. You don’t want your only memories of your hen night to be of stressful organising and panicking that everything is going to go alright so make sure you are relaxed and calm. Also, take part in everything that is organised for you. Making the most of your ‘last night of freedom’ will really make a big difference.


Our final hen party planning tip is to enjoy yourself with your favourite people. Trusting your organisers and keeping calm are absolutely key in preparing yourself for your own hen party. The hen party is the way that you can have all of your friends really involved in this special time. If you really can’t butt out than create a Pinterest mood board and pass it straight on to your maid-of-honour!


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