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Hen Party Memorabilia

Posted by laura on November 19 2013.

Hen Party Memorabilia

Our friends at Salute Wine and Time offer a fantastic wine labelling service which could make a wonderful piece of Hen Party Memorabilia.  Of course Polestars offer our own hen packs that you can buy in the Polestars Shop to add your special day, but Salute offer a service in which you can design your own wine label based around your hen party memories.

Hen Party Memorabilia – Wine and Champagne Labelling

Surely there is no better way to reminisce over your Polestars hen party than with a delicious bottle of red or white with a photo of your group on. All wines are reasonably priced at just £6.50 for a bottle of Diva or £10 for a bottle of Working Girl. Cases are also available. You can even label champagne through Salute Wine and Time, which would make an excellent wedding present to the Bride! Check out the Salute Wine and Time website here to see what they have to offer and how you can make your Polestars hen party even more memorable.

Hen Party Memorabilia – Traditional T-Shirt Prints

Salute Wine and Time have got us thinking about other forms of memorabilia for your hen night. Of course there are the traditional t-shirt printing ideas; everybody wearing embarrassing photos of the bride on their t-shirts is an example of something that can make the memory of the night go on and on! If you’re not so mean why not try taking lots of pictures of all of your hen activities throughout the day so you and the other hens can create a scrap book for the bride? This is a fantastic way to get all of the hens back together before the big day where you can show off all of your creative skills.

Whatever you choose to do for the bride remember that the best memories are kept in her mind, so make sure you help her make those memories worthwhile by giving her the best night of her life!

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