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Ideas for Hen Party Goodie Bags

Posted by laura on June 8 2017.

Hen Party Goodie Bags


Now you don’t have to give away hen party goodie bags on your hen party, but who doesn’t love receiving them? Remember when you used to get one as a little girl whenever you went to a friend’s birthday party?  Remember how the small (and probably overly pink) trinkets used to make you feel special and appreciated as a friend? Well most of us do and now that we’re adults we kind of miss it (getting goodie a bag that is.)  After all, the only people who get them now are people who attend PR launches and fashion week (and that sadly isn’t most of us…)

Hardly seem fair now does it? So we thought we’d try and bring  goodie bags back into adult life. By bringing them back into hen party fashion! So if you’re thinking about making up some hen party goodie bags then below are our top 5 hen party goodie bag ideas of things to include…

Personalised Hen Party Goodie Bags

Who said the bag had to be a horrible plastic one? We’re adults now and we appreciate quality. Besides, caring about the environment by using a “bag for life” is so in fashion right now (daaahhling!) So why not get personalised printed bags? You can have things like “Megan’s 2012 Hen Weekend” printed on them. That way, whenever any of the hens use the bag she’ll instantly remember the weekend!

Name Badges

Good for hens who have never met before and we find it less “outfit intrusive” than a bright pink sash. You can get them relatively cheaply online and they’ll also help bring a sense of uniformity and companionship to the group.

Personalised Mirrors

Like the canvas bag, this is just another way to add a little unique touch to the hen goodie bag.  You can either print a hen weekend memento message on it or have each hen’s named printed on it. Goes down a treat every time in a Hen Party Goodie Bags!

Hen Recovery Kit

As far as hen party ideas go – this is one that everybody seems to both love… and forget to provide. Believe us; every decent hen goodie bag needs one! This so-called kit should comprise of pain killers, make up removal wipes, tissues and any other helpful thing you can think of. (Disposable cooling eye mask pads might be a good idea!)

A Silly Trinket

Now a hen party wouldn’t be a hen party without some silly gifts. So to stick with tradition we’ve added this in as part of the bag. Some popular ideas include shot glasses on chains, fairy wands and fluffy boppers to wear during your night out.


Visit Hen Heaven @ www.henheaven.co.uk


Hen Heaven


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