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Hen Party Games Ideas

Posted by laura on December 5 2014.

Hen Party Games Ideas

A hen party would not be a hen party without hen party games, but for these to be successful careful planning must be involved. Understanding the dynamics of the group of ladies that will be attending the hen night or weekend is key when thinking about the sort of party games you will be playing and hen party dares

Top Hen Party Games Ideas

Planning games around the theme of your party is an absolute sure fire way to keep every girl pleased. Of course you have all decided on a theme that you are all interested in so planning games, or even dares, around this will come very easily.

Hen Party Games Ideas; Location Based

Many ladies are opting for hen weekends away abroad with the party theme being based around the culture of wherever it is that they are going. If, for example, you are off to Paris for your hen weekend get all of the girls to dress in Parisian attire; think 1920’s flappers, mime artists and Moulin Rouge style burlesque outfits. Then have a competition to see who can order the most drinks in French without messing up (a French dictionary might come in handy!).

Hen Party Games Ideas: Glamping

Polestars Glamping trips have been very popular this summer and we always advise our customers to have a careful think about how they would like their weekend plan out, this includes what they would like to dinner, the type of drinks they want and even the games they would like to play. During the trip the Glamping experts will ensure that your campsite is set up perfectly with tipis or yurts and that you are treated like an outdoors princess. However, it is a good idea to come up with some outdoors games for when you are left to your own devices. A game of rounders is a really fun way to bring back some childhood memories and to get everybody involved.

Hen Party Games Ideas; Drinking Games

Since you will be spending the night in the wilderness your guides will probably try to involve you in some foraging. Don’t think they will be turning you into Bill Oddie. Rather they will be teaching you about the best ingredients to add to some wild cocktails which will make for the best drinking games! ‘I have never’ is one of the best known drinking games, but why not try some dare games such as ‘truth or dare’? Seems that you are outside the dares can be made even better, like climbing a tree or streaking around the campsite.

Hen Party Games Ideas; Naughty

Of course, not everybody is an outdoorsy type, with some preferring the comfort of the city lights. Polestars work across the country to deliver hen activities in every city. Our dance parties lead nicely onto planning some dancing games for when you hit the town in the evening. Try making some space on the dance floor for a dance off, a sure way to have your group bonding well and have the rest of club laughing! Some of our more alternative hen parties incorporate games that can be played again. The Sex Education Class is based around a serious of naughty games that you can take home to try out. Our instructors will teach you the best techniques behind putting a condom on and will lead onto a master class in the art of seduction. Pick up skills in how to give a lap dance and dare each other to find a lucky guy to give one to on your night out!

Hen Party Games Ideas; House Party

A pre-drink at home before your hen night is probably the best time to get involved with some hen party games. The aim here is to have everybody meet at one house for some pre hen night bonding. On most hen nights there will be people who do not know the majority of the group. ‘Ugliest picture’ is a hilarious game that all the friends of the bride-to-be will love! Dig out all of the worst pictures that you can find of the groom to shock the bride. Whoevers picture makes her laugh (or cry for that matter) is crowned the winner. This is particularly popular amongst mothers and sisters of the groom!

Hen Party Games Ideas; Life Drawing

One game that is often played in a Polestars Life Drawing Class but can also be played at home is the ‘make a man’ game. Here each person will be given a body part to draw of a man; maybe the bride should be given the ‘money shot’! Once everybody is done you can lay your drawings out on the floor and stick them together accordingly. The finished product will be a strange Picasso-style drawing that you will definitely have everybody laughing.

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