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Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas

Posted by Alec on February 11 2014.

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas

At Polestars we are constantly looking for an excuse to dress up, which is probably why we have so many themed hen parties! With so many hen parties under our belt it’s safe to say we have the best Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas, we can even tailor-make your hen activities to match!

We also know that most of our lovely hens love fancy dress too, so to help them decide what to wear at their fabulous Polestars Hen Party we have put together this list!

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas – Pole Dancing:

  • Heels – this sexy dance requires the sexy swagger that only heels can give you!
  • Shorts – for the best results at gripping to the pole you really do need a bare leg. We suggest wearing shorts or leggings that can be rolled up, no skirts unless you don’t mind flashing your knickers!
  • Dress for comfort – it sounds strange because obviously you want to look sexy on the pole, but you also want to be able to move freely whilst spinning.

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas- Burlesque:

  • Sex Kitten – be cheeky, think Dita Von Tease or Christiana Aguilera if you need some Burlesque style inspiration.
  • Fishnets and Heels – again, sexy swagger is needed and those legs need to look hot!
  • The Burlesque theme can continue all night!

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas- Can-Can:

  • Skirts – We provide the Can-Can skirts for your dance routine, but you can buy your own from the Polestars shop so you can continue the Can-Can fun all night!
  • Flat Shoes – Lots of running around and high kicking so flats are for the best!

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas- 70s Disco Diva:

  • Disco Diva – big hair, big shoes big flares!
  • The 70s theme can continue all night – in each city there are plenty of 70s themed bars where you can go straight to and fit in nicely.

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas- 80s Party:

  • Individuality – the 80s was all about being different. So stay clear of the typical tutus and silly colour tights! This new romantic, think roller disco, think outside the box! You and your hens could come as a 80s girl group, or all choose you own favourite stereotype!
  • Continue the fun all night – in every city you are sure to find a 80s bar or night. Keep your fancy dress on all night!

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas- Glee:

  • Gleeks – The perfect party for all Glee mega-fans! Dress up as your favourite Glee character or come along as the whole cheerleading team!

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas- Grease:

  • Pink Ladies – Have the hen come along as Sandy and the rest of your gang   as the other pink ladies!
  • Grease girls – We provide the Pink Lady jackets for your dance, you can buy your own from the Polestars shop. These can be easily matched with leggings, heels, hair bows and tight tops!

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas- Chicago:

  • Sexy and Sophisticated – Why not dress the bride-to-be as Roxy? You can continue the theme all night!

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas- Dirty Dancing:

  • Sixties theme – Think Dorris Day, big skirts and kitten heels.
  • Baby – Dress the bride-to-be as Baby, don’t forget the blue cardi!

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas- Street Dance MTV Diva:

  • Diva – Think Beyonce and Rihana, glamour and style
  • Flats – There will be lots of movement during this energetic two hour session, you might want to ditch the heels for some kicks instead!

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas- Cheerleading:

  • Uniform – You can all come dressed as cheerleaders, making the bride to be the head cheerer! You can carry this theme on all night to really stand out in the crowd.
  • Flats – This two hour dance class will involve a lot of running and jumping, you might want to opt for the All Stars over the heels!

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas- Thriller:

  • Zombie – we’ve all seen the music video so why not try to mimic the zombie theme?Lot’s of green and black make up with ripped up dresses and silly wigs. Only the brave can carry this on all night!

Hen Party Fancy Dress Ideas- Belly Dancing / Bollywood:

  • Dress for comfort – both dances require you to be free and flowing. We suggest leggings and t-shirts; we provide all accessories that you will need!
  • Authentic – why not go for some traditional dress? Both saris and belly outfits can be bought / hired easily and will really make you class much more fun.
  • Bare feet – both routines are traditionally danced in bare feet so make sure you have those pedicures girls!

All of our hen parties are hosted in private rooms where you’ll be able to get changed / ready for your party.

Remember – Dressing up is not essential. You should come dressed comfortably.

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