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Hen Party Essentials

Posted by laura on January 23 2014.

hen party essentials

A hen party is a great opportunity to catch up with friends, meet some new ones and celebrate the forthcoming nuptials of somebody you care about. However it can leave you with its fair share of dilemmas so here’s a guide to hen party essentials to make sure you’re fully prepared and ready to party…

Hen Party Essentials – what to wear:

Choosing an outfit is the classic hen party dilemma, particularly when you’re in a city you’re not familiar with, away with people you don’t know or taking part in an activity you’ve never done before. However there are some really simple suggestions to keep you on the right track…

  • Hen Party Essentials; Daytime

There’s only one thing to remember for day time activities: Comfort.
The most important thing to do is check with the hen party organiser exactly what the activity is and pack appropriate clothing. Remember there’s plenty of opportunity to get glammed up on the night time!
If you’re doing an activity by Polestar then here is some great guidance on fancy dress to really get you in the spirit of your activity here.

  • Hen Party Essentials; Night time

Hitting the town on a hen party requires the perfect outfit and this is your opportunity to let your style shine. Here are a few suggestions to help you get sorted:
• Fancy Dress/Theme:  Check if there’s any special clothing you need and be sure to order it in plenty of time.
• Check with other hens:  Drop everybody an email and ask what they are planning on wearing so you can plan accordingly.
• Research:  If you’ve never visited the city or bars you’re going to then have a quick search on the internet to check for a dress code and see if there’s an image gallery you can look at to check out the style.
• Splash the cash:  A hen party is a great excuse to treat yourself to a new outfit so be sure to fit in a shopping spree before you leave, or even as part of the hen party.

Hen Party Essentials; Hen Night Handbag Must-Haves

Hen parties can be pretty full on from the moment you arrive with barely a minute to yourself so here’s a quick run down of the essential items you need on a hen night to keep you safe and comfortable…
Mobile: The essential piece of kit for any night out, but it’s only as good as what you’ve got saved in it so make sure you have the following:
• Hotel: Address & telephone number
• Hens: Make sure you have other hen party attendees details
• Taxi: Get the number of a reputable local company
• Money/credit card: Ideally both so you can get more cash if you get stuck
• Happy Feet: These fantastic shoes are a real life saver after a long night partying. They roll up to fit in your hand bag to slip on after a night in heels.

Hen Party Essentials; Staying Safe

Nearly every hen party passes off without incident but there are a few simple steps you can take to help you have a safe and enjoyable hen party:

• It’s easy to get carried away with alcohol when you’re out with the girls but remember your limits and stop when you’ve had enough.
• Don’t leave any hens on their own, for any reason
• Don’t leave bags or phones on display as they’re easy prey
• Don’t leave food and drink unattended

A hen party is a great celebration before somebody you care about takes the plunge so be sure to research all your options, from classy hen party ideas to the cheesiest knees, up to make sure you give the bride the perfect send off.

This blog post was written by David who works for a great site called Stag and Hen Ideas. Check it out here.

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