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Bar Dares



It is safe to assume that the majority of hen parties will involve an alcoholic drink or two. It is a fun idea to add a twist to the usual night by spicing it up with a few dares. The best way to get this going is to write dares onto playing cards. It’s even better if you plan this all ahead and get everyone’s input into the dares they would be willing to do.


      • Pretend to be someone famous to get a free drink.
      • Order a drink in a foreign accent.
      • Get a stranger’s autograph.
      • Go up to a stranger and act as if you’ve known them all their life.


Sexy Dares 



If you feel a little bit naughty then its possible you’d might me more open to a few flirtatious dares. Not for the shy wall-flower some of these might not fit every guest but for the right group, these dares will spice up your night.


        • Remove your bra without taking your top off
        • Kiss/Get a kiss from the barman
        • Obtain a condom…but not from a machine
        • Create the male anatomy from objects found around you.


Stranger Dares 


If raunchy dares arn’t pushing the boat out far enough then here are a few stranger dares. Although you’ll be with your hens, be careful who you approach.


          • Touch the bum of the best looking man in the room
          • Refer to everyone who you talk to as ‘sexy’.
          • Get a man to let you put lipstick on him
          • Serenade a stranger


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