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Polestars Hen Party Check List checklist-154274_640

Step 1: Planning

      • Satisfy the bride-to-be

The most important thing is to keep the bride-to-be happy. So make sure before you plan anything that you run it past her.

Even if you are planning a surprise party make sure you’re only planning surprises that she will like. The best example is always the chippendale example: do not organise strippers if you are not 100% certain she will be happy with it! This is something that could ruin the whole night.

Remember the bride to be should be the centre of attention at all times!

    • Guests

This is something that the bride-to-be must be involved in. The whole party could be a disaster if you forget to invite somebody that she would love to have there, or, even worse, if you invite somebody who she doesn’t want to be there! There’s a great new app for phones and iPads called ‘Doodle’ that you can use to schedule the date amongst ladies you don’t know all that well. Check it out here.

        • Location 

The first thing to consider is where will the hen party take place. More often hen groups are deciding to go away for the weekend. If this is something you think your bride-to-be friend will like then pick the perfect location.

If you are thinking of having a hen weekend away then you may have to consider having a hen night at home for those who can’t do a whole weekend away.

Hen party check list - Plymouth is a great location for laid-back ladiesHen party check list - Oxford is a great location for classy chicksHen party check list - London is a great location for party girls

Step 2: Organising 2

            • Activities 

Now that you have a location and guest list in mind you can start planning activities. This is one of the most important parts of our hen party check list as your activity of choice could set the theme for the entire weekend.

The first thing to research is your destination and what is on offer there. Check out our most popular activities in each city, and read through our city guides to see what we love to do in each British city.

Again if you are planning on an organised activity make sure that the bride-to-be will like it and then make sure it will suit all members of the group. A good example of this is to not organise a pole dancing party if the bride-to-be’s 98 year old great aunt is attending as there is a good chance she won’t enjoy it.

              • Nightlife games 620x340

Check out the nightlife of each city before you head there. If you are looking for a sophisticated night out then it is probably best to not choose somewhere steaming with student nights.

If you are staying at home you probably know where is best to go already, so you will know if the nightlife you are choosing is suitable for the mother of the bride and the soon to be mother-in-law. Maybe even consider organising a nice evening meal that everybody will enjoy before heading off to the clubs.

                • Games and Dares hen_feature (1)

No hen night is complete without games and dares. Again, the bride-to-be’s preferences and the other guests will strongly affect the outcomes of these. If the bride has invited family members do not plan things that you would consider to be inappropriate.

Check out Polestars section on Games and Dares to see what we think are the best hen party games for all different groups.

                  • Transport

This is the final (and very important) element of our hen party check list. When everything is decided upon transport has be organised. Do not leave this to the last minute as it will be an unnecessary stress.

If you are getting a train from one place to another, make sure that all members of the hen group are on the same train. If you are driving then it is a good idea to organise car parking before you get to your destination.

Stage 3: Clues, hints and the element of surprise

Check in with the bride-to-be when you need to make big decisions about the location and the guest list, but other than that we find that most ladies love a surprise. We do love the idea of leaving a trail of clues or a little treasure hunt so she can try and work out what you’ve got in store for her.

Once you’ve carefully planned everything with the help of our hen party check list, it’s time to relax. So kick back and enjoy a couple of cocktails, because you deserve it!

hen party check list - enjoy a delicious cocktail at the end

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