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A checklist for your perfect hen night

Posted by Andrew Wilson on October 20 2017.

Nowadays hen parties are becoming extravagant affairs. The thought of filling the weekend with action-packed and fun weekends, luxurious treats and cheeky entertainment can leave some hens wondering if all the extravagant spending is worth it. Your hen weekend or hen night shouldn’t leave you in doubt or worry rather a weekend you should look forward to with so much expectation and assurance that you will have a great fun weekend on your last night of freedom.

There are many ways to stretch your budget without compromising the quality of your hen night. Holding a girls night out is not a bad idea. Actually you can invite your friends and family to a girl’s night out and you add a bit of naughty actions by having a butler serve the drinks. This way the party will be packed with fun and excitement. However if the thought of having a butler wants to make you run a mile why not try having a dance class. This could be pole dancing, Bollywood or even Salsa and afterwards head up for a drink to complete the fun hen night.

Checklist for your hen night party

It is always best to have your hen night planning at least 2 months before, because you don’t want the hen night to be a flop and the hen feeling hen night party cakedisappointed because it was left till the last minute.

2 months earlier

If the hen is not planning it herself, this is the time to ask the hen what exacting she wants her hen night to be like. Is it a night out in town, a weekend getaway or a day of fun at home or pampering weekend? Understand her level of fun night out and consider doing something she’s comfortable with. The next thing is the date. Never have a hen night on the wedding eve, it never works. After confirming the date with the bride, the next thing you should do is to write the guest list and confirm with the bride so that no one is left out. Maybe she wants only her very close friends and family so it’s important to confirm the list in order to respect her decision and invite accordingly.

Remember to make your reservations, location and possible activities early to avoid any disappointment and also send out email confirmation to all attendees to confirm their attendance.

1 month earlier

Approximately 1 month prior, send out your invitations to ensure all busy friends clears their schedules for the hen night. It shouldn’t only include basic information but also a polite request for payment if necessary. If you are planning a house party to reduce cost, consider the drinks you need and make necessary arrangements for that or if it’s a night out in the club, consider starting from a restaurant also make arrangement for transportation.

A week before

This is the fun and best part of the preparation. The best part of the hen night is the shopping. This is the time the hen can shop for whatever she’s into such as veils, sashes or other fun accessories.

If you having an indoor hen night make sure you have all of the equipment required for any games and understand how they run. Lastly confirm your guest list as they are your most important asset, there is nothing as bad as guest did not turn up on a hen night.

Time to party

You are sure to have a fun hen night, given you have carefully followed this check list. All you need to do on the hen night is to sit back and enjoy the fun. if you need some more activities for your hen night, be sure to check out some exciting hen party ideas.

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