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Hen Night Dares

Posted by Alec on 12/08/2015.

Hen Night Dares

Hen Night Dares

You need to make sure your bride-to-be has the time of her life on her Hen night and there is nothing better than using some of the old clichéd party games and Hen Night Dares ! hen party games will help to really get everyone in the party spirit and promise lots of laughs.

There are so many hen party games out there! Ranging from drinking games such as ‘never have I ever’ to themed scavenger hunts. The most popular hen night game without a doubt would have to be ‘Truth or Dare’. It is an old classic which allow you to find out juicy secrets about the bride or watch her complete crazy dares.

Hen Night Dares – Top Picks

Truth or Dare cards are a great way to get the whole party involved, allowing everyone their chance to set a ridiculous dare for the bride-to-be. The cards can later be kept by the bride as a keepsake from her hen night, reminding her of all the fun she had. Here are some of our favourite dares:

  • Remove your bra without taking your top off
  • Dance on the bar to the next song
  • Touch the bum of the ugliest guy in the room
  • Pose nude with your Life Drawing model
  • Get a male stranger to buy you a drink
  • Get a free drink from the barman
  • Dance like a Thriller zombie
  • Ask a female stranger for her phone number out of the blue without giving her an explanation
  • Approach a stranger and pretend you’ve known them for years and reminisce about old times
  • Walk around the pub with your skirt tucked into your knickers
  • Get a man to let you put lipstick on him
  • Obtain a condom, but not from a machine
  • Sing a song from Grease at the top of your voice
  • Kiss the male equivalent of the Spice Girls (Ginger, Sporty, Posh, Baby & Scary)
  • Get the ugliest guy in the rooms phone number and text him something naughty
  • Take a photo with a policeman
  • Don’t say no for an hour
  • Kiss someone old, new, borrowed and blue
  • Get an entire male outfit by the end of the night
  • Pretend to be someone famous to get a free drink

Image Copyright Kai Hendry

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