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Affordable hen night ideas you would love

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

hen night party cocktail drinksDid you know it is possible to have a great and exciting hen night without spending lots on alcohol, expensive trips to exotic places and outfits? Your friends definitely have different incomes levels and mixture of priorities, you need to put this in consideration when planning your hen night. It’s no good alienating some friends because they cannot afford the expenses, but it’s no good doing something boring to save money either. That’s when a good hen night planning comes in. Don’t worry if you have no hen party ideas on what to do for your hen night, Polestars have thought about all of that.

If the bride is not in charge of the planning then its best for a close friend or family plans the hen night because you need to know what she likes and will enjoy. If you are not sure you could ask the future groom or closest friends. Find out what she doesn’t like and what she likes before planning anything.

Remember the hen night is about the bride and not you, this may sound harsh, but we have heard about some hens complained that everything went wrong because the friends planned something they didn’t like forgetting is not about them but the hen.

Once you have few hen night ideas, discuss with the other girls and narrow it down to three. This will be necessary because of cost and availability of attendees needs to be put in consideration. Present the three selected ideas to the hen for the final decision. Following these simple steps keeps everyone happy.

Affordable hen nights parties to choose from

So back on track, what are some fantastic, affordable hen night ideas?

Dirty Dancing Hen Partyhen night party pole dancing

Transform into Baby in our Dirty Dancing hen party! Learn fun routines straight from classic scenes in the film. After this class you will be able to Cha Cha Cha the night away and if you’re really feeling brave, take on that classic dirty dancing lift! You really will have the “time of your life” with this party and you can even book your very own Johnny to get you out of that corner!

Pole dancing hen party

Try your hand at the sexiest and most skilful dance style at a Pole Dancing hen party. Your fully trained pole instructor will start with the basics and teach you some spins, tricks and link moves, which will be put together into a sexy routine. Make your hen party unforgettable and try pole dancing in a relaxed, friendly environment whilst having fun with your friends.

Hen Party Photoshoot

Dress to impress, and let the hen show off in front of the camera. This is the ideal activity for ladies of all ages, especially if the bride-to-be wants her family to come along as there will be plenty of posing and pouting. The photos can be used at the wedding or as a memento for the bride to keep. They’re also a great addition to any girly scrapbook you might be creating for the bride-to-be.

Strictly Come Dancing Hen Partyhen night party strictly come dancing

If you have been taken down with ballroom fever then you will love this energetic two hour Strictly Come Dancing Hen Party! For those of you who love the show, our Strictly Come Dancing Hen Party will give the chance to glide across the floor with all the grace, style and dignity of your favourite stars.

The list can go on and on but I have taken the most common, fun and affordable hen night ideas. If you need a help in planning your hen party, then polestars should be your best friend.

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