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Hen Hangover Activities

Posted by Alec on November 19 2013.

Hen Hangover Activities

While energetic and adrenaline-filled activities like dancing or watersports are fantastic for getting everyone ready for a big hen night out, many people neglect to plan for the harsh realities of the next morning. Other than the obvious suggestion of coffee, we’ve got some great ideas to keep the celebrations rolling into the second half of your weekend with our Hen Hangover Activities.

Top Hen Hangover Activities


After a long night of dancing, there’s nothing quite like heading to a spa to be pampered. Massages, facial treatments, nail treatments, Jacuzzi’s, and saunas are all very standard, and you’ll often get hen deals which include a few mini-treatments and use of the spa’s facilities for the whole day for the price of a couple of regular treatments.

Private Cinema

Did you know that all over the country, there are small luxury cinemas which are big enough for a group of around 15 people? These theatres are furnished with sofas, bean bags, and comfortable rugs; and the best part is that you can choose your own movies! Finish the weekend with a private screening of your favourites – Grease, Dirty Dancing, Titanic, or whatever tickles your fancy!

Cooking Class

What better way to end the weekend by learning to create a great meal? Sushi rolling is one of our most popular food classes, but the possibilities are endless – find out the bride’s favourite meal, then have a professional teach your group how to make it authentically from scratch. In just a couple of hours, you could be learning to make Dosa and Masala Chicken; you could master the art of rolling pizza; or be making your own Pierogis!

Need some help organising your Hen Hangover Activities? Give our office a call and talk to one of our team on 020 7274 4865. We’re experienced when it comes to both hen parties and hangovers!


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