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hen party t shirts : T-shirt making Funanza!

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

hen party t shirts

T Shirt making hen party

Ladies we all love a fun t shirt that we can design for ourselves to wear whenever we feel comfortable. Oversized t-shirt to bed or a fun t-shirt on a night out with the girls would be ideal in recognises who belongs to who? Well know the idea of creating your own t shirts for a hen night out would be perfect!

The great thing about hen party t shirts designing is how simple it is to do. T shirt making is completely simple and customisable to your desires. Pick your colour and your t-shirt size that best suitable to you. Best of all it is cheaper than you think. If you already have a t shirt ready for printing then even more perfect.


When it comes to the design, why not have funny names for each other or have the title of your role in the wedding on each other’s t-shirt. Remember that the hen ultimately has the last say on whether she agrees or not so consult with her before going ahead on wasting any money on any unwanted t-shirts.

T-Shirt Time!

T Shirt making hen bride party

T-shirts don’t just have to be worn on hen party occasions. They can be worn all year round or you can save them for another wedding time. Even better you can keep them as a memento and just hang it up on your wall. Either way a t shirt making hen party might be the perfect thing to an evening out with the girls on the town or for a sentimental memory of the night.

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