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Halloween Hen Party

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on October 18 2013.

We’re currently gathering inspiration for the perfect Halloween hen party. Whilst a Zombie bride outfit is particularly appropriate –  especially if everyone wants to go all out on their make up and attend a Thriller dance class, we’ve been trying to think outside of the (costume) box to inspire some really macabre ideas

This year we think a Dark Circus theme is perfect for a Halloween hen party; with so many options it will make for a fantastic hen party photoshoot, but won’t be too matchy-matchy. Let the bride-to-be don a flamboyant Ring Mistress outfit, whilst the rest of your group can choose from mimes, lion tamers, trapeze artists, sinister clowns, or our personal favourite; Harlequin Hen.

Halloween hen party - harlequin fancy dress

Face paints are a must; with an eerily pale foundation, lashing of bright red lipstick and black eye make up, you’re sure to look otherworldly and sexily-strange. When it comes to your hair style, we see Halloween as an opportunity to backcomb like we’ve never backcombed before. Remember ‘wild and untamed’ is not just a look, it’s a Halloween hen party mantra.

To complete your whimsical outfit, you could even create your own fascinator. Think multi-coloured feathers for show girl costumes, or miniature top hats and flowing veils if you’re going as a Ring Master. They’re not only fun to make, but they can be a fabulous keepsake for the bride-to-be to remind her of her unusual Halloween hen party!

Many Burlesque shows are themed around the concept of a Sinister Circus, complete with cartoon-esque expressions and exaggerated movements. Why not learn a full-on Burlesque routine? You can rock up in your fabulous Halloween outfit before painting the town pink/ red/ with harlequin diamonds and show off your new moves!

Halloween hen party inspiration:

Harlequin image credit

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