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Halloween Hen Parties

Posted by Holly Anderson on June 7 2017.

Halloween Hen Party

The list of possible themes for your hen party is literally endless but so many of them have been done to death. If you’re thinking of doing something a little different for your hen party, then why not think about a Halloween inspired theme? For inspiration on what to do, what to wear and what to drink please continue to read our lovely article.

What to do

      • Airsofting – This sport is not for the faint hearted as it’s essentially paintballing with something similar to an air rifle! Most places that host airsofting also hire out all the equipment you need and take you through the safety stuff before you’re let loose. But bear in mind; unlike paintballs, the pellets used in airsofting don’t leave any tell-tale mark so the whole thing relies on an honour system to know who’s been hit.


          • Zombie bootcamp or Werewolf survival – Based in Worcestershire, this truly unique place offers hen and stag party packages with overnight accommodation and breakfast included. Be warned, ‘bed and breakfast’ here means bunkbeds and a quick bacon sarnie


            • Camping – Simple, yet brilliant. If you’re not kitted out already and don’t know where to start, Polestars offer Woodland Survival hen parties where all equipment is supplied and you even get your own camp instructor to teach you things like shelter building, trap making, game catching and even axe throwing! Don’t worry, nobody will kidnap you in the woods, like in the movie The Blair Witch Project :)


              • Spend a night in a haunted Castle, imagine yourself being in a castle like the one from Dracula, from Transylvania – Romania. If spending your hen do sleeping in a bunk bed being terrorised by zombies doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time then perhaps this is more you? All the thrill of the (slight) possibility of encountering the supernatural with all the luxury of a real bed. Check out Hauntedrooms to book your stay in a haunted hotel, inn or castle.


                • Ghost walks – Most major cities across the UK offer some kind of organised ghost walk and some places offer overnight ghost walks too. Check out frightnights to find one near you.


                  • Thriller Dance classes – If all that sounds a bit like torture then perhaps Thriller inspired dance classes might be more your thing? Polestars offer them all over the country at various different dance studios and a quick search on our website should help you find one close to you.


                    • Escape the Room – Think Crystal Maze and Fort Boyard, these organised hen parties will see you and your hens locked in a themed room that you must escape by working together to solve hidden puzzles and clues. There are two themed stories to choose from; The Pharaoh’s Chamber or Room 33.


What to wear

You couldn’t really have a Halloween hen do without fancy dress could you? If you need inspiration on what theme to go with there is always the obvious, though classic, Zombie Bride and bridesmaids theme. And then there is my personal favourite group Halloween costume – Dead Disney Princesses. But, if the thought of all that fake blood and torn clothes leaves you feeling a little less than beautiful, what about a Masquerade or Day of the Dead theme? Check out the options at Redstar Fancy Dress or at Last Night of Freedom.


What to drink

                      • Bride’s Blood (serves 4-6)

1 carton of cranberry Juice

5-10 shots of Vodka

Blood orange wedges


– Simply mix and serve!


                        • Brain Haemorrhage (per glass)

1 shot of schnapps (your choice of flavour)

1 teaspoon of Bailey’s Irish cream

Few drops of grenadine

– Pour the schnapps into glasses and slowing pour over the Bailey’s but DO NOT stir.

– Once the Bailey’s has clumped together on top it should look like a brain. Add a few drops of grenadine onto the brain and Voila!


                          • Lychee Eyeball Martinis (serves 2)

For the eyeballs

1 tin of lycheesGluten-Free-EyeBalls-Cocktails

Handful of cranberries, blueberries or halved green grapes.

– Drain the tin of lychees and save the syrup.

– Put a cranberry, blueberry of halved grape in the hole of every lychee.



For the Martini

Lychee eyeballs

The reserved lychee syrup

100ml gin

– Put a lychee eyeball in each glass.

– Mix the gin and lychee syrup and pour over eyeballs

– Add ice if desired.

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